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Jaslene Gonzalez, “America’s Next Top Model” season eight winner, hosted a fashion show at Christian Audigier The Nightclub last weekend. While she was in town, the svelte model stopped to chat with Image. Here’s what she had to say.

Image: With all the personal appearances you make, surely you have some tips on getting gorgeous fast. Can you share some? Jaslene Gonzalez: It’s actually impossible to get ready for a red carpet in a short amount of time. The fastest I’ve done it is 45 minutes and that was with a team. By myself I would just say to be simple with your look. Make it effortless and don’t overanalyze!

Image: You had a lot of photo shoot training on “America’s Next Top Model.” What are some ways the average woman can look her best in photos?

JG: It’s all about angles. It wouldn’t hurt to stand in front of a mirror and practice to see what works best on you. I’m not really an average-sized woman but I’ve watched Tyra (Banks) on the red carpet. I’ve seen her put one arm over her belly and then open her arms to her side to elongate her and give her better form.

Image: How do you stay so skinny?

JG: I’m naturally thin and always trying to gain weight. I have a high protein diet.

Image: How is your runway walk different from your real walk and do you ever get the two confused?

JG: Have you heard the quote “I walk like this all day, every day?” Well, I do. Even in flats; it’s just a natural thing to walk with a strut but I don’t take it overboard.

Image: The last “Top Model” winner was plus-size. Think she’ll find the same success as non plus-size winners?

JG: Definitely. If anything, I think she can be more successful because she’s working a totally different market.

Image: What model did you idolize growing up?

JG: Gisele Bündchen was a big inspiration for me. When I was 15 and 16 I would do collages full of her pictures. I admire her confidence on the runway and her overall swagger. She’s so fierce. I try to find that in me.

Image: Have you picked up any styling tricks from all the photo shoots you’ve done?

JG: The key to having style is keeping yourself updated. Half the time the clothes (in photo shoots) don’t even fit me so I’m always pinned all the way down my back and legs.

Image: Did you ever get sick of hearing that dramatic speech Tyra Banks gives at the end of each “Top Model” show?

JG: What speech?

Image: “I have nine girls in front of me but I only have eight photos in my hands …” JG: (Laughing) Did I ever get sick of it? I was just like, “Hurry up and call my name!” You never get tired of it when you’re hoping for her to call you.

Image: What’s your modeling goal now?

JG: (Laughing) To take over the world!

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