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Show Us Your Bag

■ Who? Dr. Jason Michaels, board-certified dermatologist, specializing in cosmetic work

■ Location: Aspire Cosmetic MedCenter

■ Handbag: Bally messenger bag

■ Are handbags status symbols? I don’t buy into this idea. Some of the coolest people I know have the style to make cheap, off-brand stuff look great. To me, status is more about the example of being good to people than what you’re wearing or carrying. I’d rather have the "status" of being a great friend, businessman or boss.

■ What does this bag say about you? I enjoy high-quality workmanship and materials. I used to feel bad about that, but then realized there’s nothing wrong with appreciating a few good things in life. In the end, if you have to replace something less frequently, then it saves you money in the long run. For those that have come to my office, they realize that quality permeates everything I do.

■ If someone found your bag and looked inside, what would they think of you? Simple guy. Straightforward. Organized.

■ What’s the most important item you’ve carried in your bag? My daughter’s baby tooth. I felt like I was protecting the fort that day.

■ What’s the strangest item you’ve carried in your bag? Feng Shui three-legged toad figure. My wife asked me to carry it with me as a good luck symbol of prosperity. I listen to the boss.

■ Tell us about the first special bag you owned. My wife bought me a cloth Quicksilver sling bag 15 years ago on our honeymoon in Kauai, so we could carry our potato chips on our hike. We still use it. It’s our constant reminder of that trip and how much we love getting outdoors.

■ Knockoffs: Love ’em or hate ’em? They don’t rock my boat one way or another. I think people do the best they can given what they’ve got. I’d rather see someone who longs for a certain "look" buy a knockoff to get close to the real thing, than buy something he or she can’t afford. At the end of the day if something gives you a boost to feel better, then there is nothing wrong with it.

■ Image is … managing perceptions and trying to be consistent about what you believe, how you act and who you are.

■ What’s in your bag? Breath Savers, flight itinerary for Alaska trip, Canon EOS 7D guidebook, Neutrogena face lotion, Aspire notecards and pencil, MacBook Air.

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