Show Us Your Purse

■ Who? Steph MacKenzie-Foster, co-host of 97.1 The Point "Foxx and MacKenzie" and Mrs. Las Vegas

■ Location: KXPT-FM studio

■ Handbag: Hobo bag I found at a swap meet.

■ Are handbags status symbols? Yes, they are. I think a lot of people judge you by the purse you carry. They label you and put you in a certain crowd and immediately judge how much money you make. I don’t subscribe to that philosophy myself. I am not afraid of carrying a faux.

■ What does this bag say about you? I am a bit trendy, fun, flirty and into today’s fashion but I am not afraid to buy something that’s unique. White is in and that’s why I like it but I also don’t want to show up at an event holding the same handbag everyone else has. People see it and say, "Where did you get that handbag?" I love that! I have to be trendy, but it does not have to be designer.

■ If someone found your bag and looked inside, what would they think of you? She has great taste. I am organized but just give me a minute to find it. It’s the Mary Poppins bag at times. I can never find anything in it.

■ What’s the most important item you’ve carried in your bag? I always carry my fortune cookie sayings because they are good reminders. Plus, if you carry them around, they might just come true. Right now my most important item is a wallet that I bought with a crown on it. It inspires me since I am going for the Mrs. Nevada crown on July 18.

■ What’s the strangest item you’ve carried in your bag? I have a lot of packets of lemon juice. I add them to water because it aids in weight loss.

■ Tell us about the first special bag you owned. It was a real Dooney & Bourke barrel bag and I begged my mom for it and now I couldn’t tell you where it is.

■ Knockoffs: Love ’em or hate ’em? Love ’em. The majority of people never know and you can so play it up.

■ Image is … great self-confidence and how you carry yourself with the right purse and the right outfit. You have to have the right purse or it will ruin even the best outfit.

■ What’s in your bag?  Headphones (because of my job),  Sharpies, business cards, bedazzled iPhone, fortune cookie, black appointment book.

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