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Hypnotherapists target subconscious mind to help with variety of ailments

Losing weight, quitting smoking and overcoming fears can be stressful. However, hypnotherapists Linda Shore and Juanita Curiel are determined to make it more relaxing.

Consulting Hypnotherapy of Nevada, 4045 Spencer St., Suite B22A, uses hypnosis to help clients overcome physical or mental health issues, according to Shore.

“Our mission is to help people know who they really are,” Shore said. “Hypnosis is a reality. It is not something new and was used by the Egyptians 3,000 years ago.”

The therapy uses deep relaxation to tap into a client’s subconscious mind to form new attitudes, behaviors or feelings.

Like a computer, the subconscious mind stores the mind’s data and memories that are not accessible by the conscious mind, according to Curiel.

“We use a relaxation technique to allow people to access a broader part of their mind,” Curiel said. “Hypnosis helps the conscious mind move over so the subconscious mind, with all its data, can move forth.”

Similar to psychologists, hypnotherapists use a pinpoint method to find the root of a problem and make suggestions to remove mental blocks or “negative programming,” according to Shore.

But where psychologists work with the conscious mind, hypnotherapists deal with the subconscious.

“We don’t change memories or events,” Curiel said. “We help (clients) release the negative energy connected to the events so we can give positive suggestions to reprogram the subconscious.”

Shore and Curiel said hypnotherapy can be used to help treat fears, panic attacks, addictions, digestive disorders or trauma caused by stress.

“We don’t claim that we heal these diseases and disorders,” Curiel said. “We help reduce the stress in the body so that healing can come easier.”

Some might have misconceptions on how hypnotherapy works because of its use in entertainment shows, according to Shore.

“No hypnotherapist nor anyone else has the power to control someone’s mind,” Shore said. “You are in control and conscious of what you are saying or doing. You can even lie if you choose to.”

Although Curiel said the average problem can be addressed in about three sessions, each client receives a hypnosis CD to continue treatment between or after sessions.

“We have a really good success rate,” Curiel said. “For example, I would say about eight out of 10 people stop smoking after using hypnosis.”

Curiel opened the office in 1998 and has been a licensed hypnotherapist for about 25 years. Shore joined the practice about 15 years ago after learning from Curiel.

The women are required to complete continuing education courses each year to remain certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. They are also licensed by the state of Nevada.

“Hypnosis is not a miracle drug. It will not work if you don’t allow it to work,” Curiel said. “I know most people want a quick fix, and I don’t blame them. But drugs will come in and completely control the system, whereas you’re controlling hypnosis and telling it what to do. That’s the difference.”

Sessions start at $65 an hour and are available by appointment. For more information, call Curiel at 702-245-2805.

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