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Demand for schools’ summer food program could explode next year

The Summer Food Service Program serves about 4,000 meals a day to kids in Clark County. The appetite for chicken nuggets, meatloaf sandwiches and baby carrots is expected to grow even larger next summer when 76 year-round elementary schools will no longer be in session.

Judges starts process to determine Desai competency for trial

District Judge Jackie Glass Thursday ordered Dr. Dipak Desai’s attorneys to gather his medical records and turn them over to the court in two weeks so that independent evaluations can be done to determine his competency to stand trial.

Desai accused of faking in ’08

A lawyer accused Dr. Dipak Desai of exaggerating his ill health to duck legal problems long before prosecutors raised the issue last month in his criminal case.

In US cities, HIV linked more to poverty than race

ATLANTA — Poverty is perhaps the most important factor in whether inner-city heterosexuals are infected with the AIDS virus, according to the first government study of its kind. The study, released Monday, suggests that HIV is epidemic in certain poverty-stricken urban neighborhoods.

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