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Honest answers about what to expect as we age

Most of us lack a good understanding of what happens to our bodies later in life, so Dr. Rosanne Leipzig wrote “Honest Aging” to let people know what to expect.

Ex-Raider’s family tackles youth suicide epidemic

Tragedy struck the family of Solomon Thomas in January 2018, when his sister Ella died by suicide. She was 24 and had battled anxiety and depression.

Know the warning signs of stress overload

A stress management expert explains the difference between good and bad stress and how to tell when you are in danger of overload.

Small lifestyle tweak has big effect on diet-related diseases

Over the course of a new study, researchers tracked blood sugar, blood pressure and weight and saw significant improvements in A1C levels and diastolic blood pressure.

Local breast cancer survivor stresses importance of screenings

Ana Castillo now has a particularly powerful reason to encourage all women — and especially Hispanic women — to receive timely breast cancer screenings.