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Anemia may not mean iron deficiency

Anemia is a sign of a disease, not a disease itself and its complexities extend far beyond sickle cell and iron deficiency. It is condition resulting from a significantly decreased number of red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. Anemia often causes fatigue, dizziness, weakness and pale nailbeds.

Depression is treatable, survivable

Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting “On the Threshold of Eternity” is said to symbolize his struggle with depression, a mental disorder that affects around 15 million Americans each year.

Once-lethal Leukemia is now curable

Do you have fever, night sweats, headaches? Bone or joint pain? Fatigue? The isolated symptoms could mean nothing, but for an unlucky few, these are the precursors to leukemia.

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: rare and curable

At 27 years old, Julie Taber was loving life. She was young, beautiful, a dance performer on the Strip, but what started off as flu-like symptoms and fatigue landed Taber in the hospital on a Valentine’s Day, and at that moment Taber’s life changed forever.