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Providing a special place for women’s health care needs was a part of the original concept for Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center when it opened in January 2008.

The Women’s Center has six labor, delivery and recovery rooms, 25 postpartum beds, all private, and a neonatal nursery. It offers childbirth classes including prepared childbirth, Lamaze childbirth, a cesarean birth class and a class on breastfeeding. The level II neonatal intensive care unit opened in the fall of 2008, so premature babies or babies who need special care can remain close to their mothers. The facility also has a two-bed operating room suite and a 16-bed wellborn nursery. >>>

Breast Care

The Women’s Center also offers digital mammography.

"It’s the latest technology for mammography," said Sandy Boyadjian, radiology manager. "There’s no film. It’s immediate, and images are put on disk for patients."

If a biopsy is required, Boyadjian said, repositioning the needle is a simple and quick procedure with minimal time spent waiting in the compression device, a better comfort for the patient. A physician is present during the entire procedure.

"Digital mammography is good for women with dense breasts or implants," Boyadjian said.

The Women’s Center also uses MammoPads during mammography procedures to maximize patient comfort.

Centennial Hills is considering the addition of breast MRI technology, possibly later this year. Breast MRI is also good for women with implants and there is no radiation exposure. Boyadjian emphasized that the radiation levels associated with digital mammography are minimal and are closely monitored by the Food and Drug Administration for safety.


The Women’s Center at Centennial Hills wants to pamper new mothers. In addition to the 25 private postpartum beds, there is a New-Mommy Concierge Program.

Toni Williams, RN, Women’s services director, says the New-Mommy Concierge Program offers a gourmet celebration meal for mother and father.

"Breakfast, lunch, dinner — whatever they want," Williams said. "With a tablecloth, china and sparkling cider served in goblets."

Scalp, hand and foot massages are also available, along with a coupon for a spa visit.

Afternoon tea is served with cookies for the whole family, and baby portraits are taken.

"Labor is not an easy process," Williams said. "Usually the focus is entirely on the baby. We want moms to feel just as special. We want to take pampering to a whole new level."

And how does all this pampering go over with the new mothers?

"They love it," Williams said, laughing. "Especially the massages."

Williams said many patients come to the Women’s Center for a tour and end up changing physicians so they can deliver there

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The addition of the level II NICU last fall means premature babies and babies in need of extra care can remain in the Women’s Center close to their mothers. Before the on-site NICU was added, infants had to be transferred to a sister hospital in Summerlin.

The NICU staff includes a neonatologist, a pediatrician, registered nurses, a respiratory therapist and lactation specialists. Occupational and physical therapists help care for infants’ individual needs for development, positioning and feeding relative to their environment. There are medical social workers and discharge planners who offer emotional support and arrange for special care and equipment upon an infant’s discharge. The social workers/discharge planners also communicate directly with insurance companies to authorize care.

A family sleep room is available to accommodate overnight stays for as many NICU parents as possible on a space-available basis.

A team of neonatal specialists attends high-risk deliveries with a neonatologist/pediatrician leading the team. If necessary, a neonatal nurse and a respiratory therapist may also be on hand.


Part of the mission of the Women’s Center is to provide training and education for expecting parents and siblings. A range of classes including prepared childbirth, Lamaze childbirth and cesarean birth are available. There are classes for new fathers and siblings, classes on breastfeeding and childbirth refresher courses for parents who have been through the drill at least once but want to brush up. There is even a teen childbirth class to prepare teenage expectant mothers for delivery and discharge with an infant, offered free of charge. (For a complete list of classes and costs, call the hospital at 835-9700 or visit www.centennialhillshospital.com.)

Kevin Stockton, chief executive officer of Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center says the hospital’s focus is on advanced technology and the women in the community.

"We’re looking to celebrate giving birth," Stockton said, "and provide the services and atmosphere to make that possible."

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