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Here’s how likely Las Vegas is to have a New Year’s hangover

With New Year’s Eve rapidly approaching, Time teamed up with online residential real estate site Trulia to see which U.S. cities are most likely to spend the first day of 2016 nursing a hangover. 

According to Time, Trulia used data from Yelp for the 100 largest metro areas in the United States to conduct three different analyses: cities most likely to have a New Year’s hangover, cities most likely to “party hard” on Dec. 31 and cities with the best chances for hangover recovery.

The analyses looked at the number of general nightlife establishments, bars, breweries, comfort food restaurants, and drugstores per 10,000 households, according to Trulia. 

Las Vegas made the top five on two of the three analyses: cities most likely to have a New Year’s hangover and cities most likely to party hard on New Year’s Eve.

Overall, the valley ranked third as a city where its residents and visitors will be “reaching for an aspirin or seeking out a greasy meal after a night of New Year’s Eve partying.”

With a “hangover index” of 31.6, Las Vegas fell behind only San Francisco (41.7) and Boston (31.8).

For those looking to have a low-key New Year’s Eve, consider heading to the South, as five cities in the South had the lowest hangover index score. 

Comparing which cities have the most breweries, bars and general nightlife per 10,000 households, Las Vegas came in second for “which cities are most likely to party hard on New Year’s Eve.” 

Las Vegas, which has approximately 19.6 bars and nightlife spots per 10,000 households, according to Trulia’s data, was only outdone by San Francisco, where there are about 28.8 nightspots per 10,000 households.

When Trulia took into consideration the number of comfort food restaurants and drugstores per 10,000 households to see which cities had the best chances for hangover recovery, Las Vegas didn’t rank as high. 

With an average of 12 greasy food joints and pharmacies per 10,000 households, Las Vegas came in 11th on the ranking of which cities are prepped and prepared for a “mega-hangover on New Year’s Day.”

San Francisco, ranked highest on the “hangover index,” also didn’t make it into the top five on recovery. As Time noted, “you can party hard or recover well, but not in the same city.”

How to cure a hangover in Las Vegas

There are plenty of resources in the valley to help curb the unpleasant side effects of a wild night out on the town.

  • For those with a serious hangover — and who want to kick their pain and grogginess in a flash — look toward Hangover Heaven, which claims its services will help partiers “relieve (their) miserable headaches, nausea, and vomiting.” 
  • On its own, exercise isn’t good enough, but paired with a ton of water and a proper diet, some say specific workouts and some fresh air can help alleviate hangover symptoms. A study in 2009 by the U.K. Department of Health found that while many saw relief from their hangover through exercise, the damage done by heavy drinking couldn’t be reversed. Either way, we recommend heading to Red Rock Canyon for a hike while it’s cool outside. 
  • After a night out drinking, for some, nothing sounds more appetizing than a hot plate of greasy food to help “cure” a hangover. According to doctors, there isn’t any scientific evidence that this actually helps. John Brick, Ph.D., an alcohol research scientist, told CNN some prefer eating honey sandwiches because they are easy to digest.

Drinking responsibly with a lot of water and a designated driver who’s willing to take you to get food doesn’t hurt, of course. 

Contact Caitlin Lilly at clilly@reviewjournal.com. Find her on Twitter: @caitiesmith

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