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Dreamy blue room designed to calm

What about a blue room? After all, the White House has one. There’s something grand, majestic and yet calming about a room designed with the color blue.

Let’s do a bedroom.

Color the walls a soft, grayed white. The ceiling should be pure white, except for the daring who might opt for a blue sky with fluffy white clouds painted up there. Underfoot, the carpet is to be a snow white. A wood floor is also acceptable if that is your preference. The wood should be a grayish white.

The nightstands and dresser would be attractive in a French Provincial style with — here it is again — a gray-white finish to the wood. The headboard? How about white wrought iron?

So far, most everything is white. So where’s the blue? Let’s start with the draperies. Make them a soft, almost pastel blue with white, white sheers underneath. The comforter should be a blue-and-white check print with a white eyelet dust ruffle. Throw pillows and shams can be in a combination of paisley, stripe and check patterns, all in soft blue and white. A small pillow or two would be nice in the same eyelet fabric as the dust ruffle.

At the foot of the bed a wooden-legged, flared arm bench would be nice. Guess what color the wood should be? Grayed white. The cushion on the bench can be one of the patterns of the throw pillows.

If space permits, a white love seat with a very large white ottoman would be nice. The ottoman should be the same width as the inside of the love seat. Sitting on one or both sides of the love seat should be a cabriole-legged table. No room for a love seat? A regular chair and ottoman will do.

Prints on the walls should have either soft blue frames or grayed white ones. This being a bedroom, the subject matter of the prints should be relaxing, such as water scenes, birds, children at play — that type of thing.

White roses in a clear glass vase should always grace the dresser. Live ones? That would be too expensive to purchase every week. Perhaps silk ones in the glass vase with what looks like water in it is a more economical choice.

Lamps need very white shades. Soft-blue bases in a swirl shape would certainly sit proudly on the nightstands. Lots of silver picture frames with family pictures in them would finish off this room perfectly.

All that’s left to do is to put white slippers by the bed. Well, there you have it — a picture-perfect blue room. Sweet dreams.

Rosemary Sadez Friedmann, an interior designer in Naples, Fla., is author of “Mystery of Color.”

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