Everyday items find new uses

An old wives’ tale claims “A messy house come January first means a messy house the entire year.” Although the tale can’t be substantiated, it does bring a reminder of starting the year refreshed and renewed, not just personally but your home environment, too.

This year, use these tips from The Maids Home Services and use ordinary items in a new way to make your home sparkle and shine.

Socks are not just for keeping feet warm, they also work well for dusting and cleaning. Slip the sock over your hand, dampen with polish or window cleaner and wipe away fingerprints and dust.

Take clean paintbrushes from the garage and bring them in the house, as they will remove dust from the smallest crevices. From ornate designs in furniture to the smallest details in ceramics, a paintbrush can reach places a cleaning cloth cannot. You also can use them on electronics such as radios, computers and televisions to clean around knobs and buttons and inside speaker vents.

Do not throw fabric softener sheets away after one use in the dryer. Used fabric softener sheets are excellent for dusting furniture and nonplasma television and computer screens.

Are you ready for a new toothbrush? Save your old one from the trash as toothbrushes are tools the professionals use to tackle soap scum around faucets and drains.

Pumice stones work great at removing calluses and rough skin on your feet, but did you know pumice stones are perfect for removing rust and hard-water buildup from the inside of white toilet bowls? Be sure the stone stays wet, and do not apply heavy pressure or you may scratch the surface.

Hair dryers do not just dry hair, they work wonders on low speed to quickly eliminate dust from silk flower and plant arrangements.

Coffee filters do more than filter grounds to make great coffee; they also leave a lint-free shine when used instead of a cloth to wipe down mirrors and windows.

Vacuums are not just for carpets anymore. With their wide array of attachments, the vacuum can be used to remove dust and dirt from ceiling fans, ornate wood furniture, hard-to-reach banisters and inside drawers and cupboards.

Information courtesy The Maids

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