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Collar key lets pets go as they please safely

Do you want to make sure that Fido, and only your Fido, goes in and out safely when you’re not available?

This twist on the traditional pet door looks to do the trick.

The Plexidor Electronic from Plexidor Pet Doors combines convenience with security and safety. Basically there is a chip you attach to your pet’s collar that is exclusive to your door. It is like having a personalized garage door opener specifically for your pets and your pets are the only ones with the electronic opener code.

“Having a technological tool like this is great for the health and comfort of the pet too,” said Plexidor president Joe Ambrose. “It allows the pets to go outside when they have to, not when you are able to let them out. For the pet owner, it is very helpful in preventing pet messes in the house from the pet having to hold it too long.”

The concept is based on the collar keys that come programmed and are simply clipped on your pet’s collar. The technology in the door reads and recognizes the code as the pet approaches the door. The pet door panel then slides up and down like a miniature garage door allowing for access and egress. Once the pet is in or out, the door locks back into place.

The collar key is actually an radio frequency identification chip that is passive, requires no batteries and allows you to have as many of your pets with the keys to use the door without worrying about your neighbor’s pets, strays or wild animals coming in. The tag is also waterproof, shockproof and rugged.

The door as well is rugged with aluminum framing and high-impact ABS panels, the same material used for football helmets. It is also rustproof, energy efficient and doesn’t blow open like old-fashioned doors. The mechanisms that run the door are inside the home so as to avoid any tampering from the outside.

Also featured is a safety mechanism that prevents the door from closing while obstructed, thus preventing pinched paws or tails.

The Plexidor Electronic Pet Door is available in bronze and white and in various sizes to match all pets. Prices range from $129 to $800 depending on the size and model.

For more information, call 800-749-9609 or visit www.dogdoors.com.

Candles sure to be light of any party

You will definitely be the life, and light, of any party with these spectacular candles from QuelObjet.com.

From tapered flares to a “Tour de Lumiere” to rustic pots with colorful, subtly scented candles, they will make for special times dining outdoors and entertaining on these beautiful, warm summer evenings.

So, toss away those ugly and outdated citronella tins and add something special.

The striped garden flares are ideal by the pool, the shore or the garden. The flares not only make for a spectacular addition to your party, the citronella in them keeps the bugs away. The colorful tapers are available in yellow/lilac/black or teal/gray/black/white and are mounted on a strong bamboo stake to sit at 35.5 inches tall. They retail for $39 a pair.

The Tour de Lumiere is stunning, whether used indoors or out. The wrought-iron pyramid’s three tiers have been crafted to float 18 glass cups, each holding a small votive candle. The structure stands 55 inches tall and comes with 18 red or white candles. After that, use your imagination to fill the cups. It sells for $239.

If a more natural look is more your cup of tea, check out the Pots de Landes. The authentic terra-cotta pots hold floral scented candles and add a touch of Provence to any scene. These antique pots have been used in the southwest of France for more than two centuries to collect natural resin from the trees and have aged gradually and naturally. They burn for 70 hours and each unique pot is a little over 5 inches in diameter and 4.33 inches tall.

Colors and scents available include: red/coquelicot (poppy), brick/capucine (nasturtium) and pink/violette (violet). The retail for $40 each.

For more information, call 877-762-4499 or visit www.quelobjet.com.

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