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The bedroom sometimes gets left behind when it comes to decorating, probably because it is in the private area of the house where outsiders can’t see it. But considering that you spend a third of your life there, it makes sense to go to the effort to make it special. Beyond the enjoyment of an attractive bedroom, one that is calm and orderly can also help facilitate tranquillity and a good night’s sleep.

One way to get inspiration for a bedroom décor is to pick a theme and then make every decision according to that idea. If yours is a shared bedroom, you’ll need to be careful not to be too heavy-handed so as not to put off a partner with different tastes. The classic conflict between a wife who wants flowers and ruffles and a husband who can’t stand for pink bouquets splashed all over his bed can easily be solved with compromise.

The bedroom in the photo shown here is extremely simple with an understated hint of a nautical or seaside theme. The crisp red and white ticking is as simple as pattern can be, but using it in the thick upholstered headboard creates a plush feminine feeling. Most men don’t like lots of pillows, but the ones on this bed are tailored and not busy with ruffles and multiple competing patterns.

The paddle and framed art serve as emphasis for the headboard wall. Since this is a very small bedroom, putting the attention on one wall is a good way to organize the decorative items. Because the nightstands are white, too, your eye focuses promptly on the arrangement above the headboard. Sweeping upward with the eye helps to give the room a larger feel.

In terms of space efficiency, the tall, wall-mounted rack to one side of the room is clever and fun. Here, magazines and maps are folded over the bars, but it also might host towels, bathrobes or clothes. It projects out no more than 3 inches to 4 inches into the cramped space on one side of the bed.

A single object, such as the oar in this arrangement, can sometimes be the source of inspiration. It might also be an architectural fragment — a Chinese wood carving or old Mexican wrought-iron ornamental piece — a colorful silk scarf or a piece of Belgian lace that gets you going.

If you live in an area where earthquakes can be an issue, be sure to investigate additional anchoring hardware if you hang your pieces directly over your bed. Two-part locking devices attach to the wall and then to the mounted object in a fitted manner and can be locked with a small wrench. This will give you peace of mind, which is also important for a good night’s rest.

You might select a tropical theme reminiscent of a trip to an island paradise for a more romantic feel. Or, you might try to copy a room from your favorite bed-and-breakfast inn and analyze what made the room so inviting to you.

While it is an individual decision, the mattress is as important as any décor item. Today, there are dozens of choices in pillow-top mattresses or single mattresses made of space-age foam that supports and conforms to the body.

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