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Sheds gain new applications during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is driving homeowners to figure out how to expand their homes as kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms have become business offices, school rooms, hair salons and play rooms.

Say hello to Tuff Shed.

“Our business has skyrocketed since the pandemic set in,” said Douglas Smith, design consultant at Tuff Shed Las Vegas. “We’re selling hundreds of sheds every week nationwide to keep up with the demand because people are transitioning to a ‘work at home’ scenario and Tuff Shed is one of the answers to that transition.”

Tuff Shed is America’s leading seller and manufacturer of storage buildings, barns, cabins and garages. The company operates factories in states around the country producing small storage sheds to large custom buildings.

“A Tuff Shed is a free-standing building within itself,” Smith said. “We can build just about anything a customer requests, but the storage shed remains the most popular as people are taking time to clean out their garages to make better use of them. Some add double doors to the shed, which makes it easier to move large items in and out of the building. And if someone wants to match the style of the shed to their home, our accent paint options and black hardware matches nearly every home. And when it comes to creating the shed, we have thousands of possible design combinations.”

At the same time, Smith continued, “Just as many homeowners are asking us to design an office for the backyard so they can step out of the house and walk a few steps to work. And they feel safe knowing that each shed is built with top-grade lumber, siding that comes with a 50-year guarantee, two coats of paint and a rust-proof galvanized zinc-coated base with upgraded flooring. The sheds are built to last.”

According to Smith, there is an assortment of models that vary in size and material, and many of them are on display at the company’s showroom.

“We sit down with the customer and ask what their needs are and what they want from the shed,” he explained. “Our unique design software immediately provides a customer with the exact building they’re requesting. Designs can be made in person in the showroom or the individual can simply call in and speak with a representative about their needs. Designs are emailed to the customer who views it and is able to make changes.

“There is so much you can do with one of our sheds including windows, sliding doors, glass doors and shelving and ventilation just to name a few. We create the building here at our factory, stack it on a company truck and then move it to the site. It takes about a day to put it together. The owner can finish with electrical, plumbing and drywall and that work would be done by subcontractors.”

Smith is proud of the man cave (he-shed) he designed for himself. It is a 10-by-30-foot shed with a movie theater, dining area, surround sound, heating and cooling, and loft bedroom.

“This shed is extremely functional and very durable,” he said. “It is drywalled, insulated, and there are futons for sleeping. It’s a home away from home and perfect for personal privacy or to welcome a house guest. And once installed, the shed belongs to the homeowner and can be moved to a new location.

“By the way, we also do she-sheds.”

Tuff Sheds are more than just a storage shed. Todd Hargrove, Smith’s business partner who is a sales and design consultant, has been devoting time to creating a Tuff Shed Homeless Village in Las Vegas. It would be similar to what is becoming popular in California cities including Fresno, Oakland and Ventura.

“These villages have proven to be successful as transition shelter homes,” Hargrove said. “Yes, the living spaces are small but cost-competitive to other types of facilities when government officials or charitable organizations are asked to address the problem of homelessness. These villages can be part of the solution to homelessness and have been proven effective using a variety of sizes and designs depending on the city’s preference.

“The interior has room for two beds and a shower. All the comforts of home are there, and it’s definitely an upgrade from a tent. It gives the homeless person dignity and peace of mind knowing he or she can lock their belongings in a safe place.”

According to Hargrove, Tuff Shed can design and install multiple buildings at the same site within a specific time frame. The site can serve as a transition point featuring programs for permanent housing and job placement.

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