In Case You Missed It: Hilariously absurd confrontation between man and bird

Ugh, the life of a delivery man.

It’s one thing to have to battle the weather, traffic, cardboard cuts, dry hands and dissatisfied recipients; it is another to have to fight off angry animals.

A Minnesota UPS driver going about his business, trying to stay on schedule, gets derailed by a wild turkey. The confrontation was caught on camera by a group of hospital staff chilling in the lunch room.

The delivery man tries to outsmart the turkey by hiding behind a rival FedEx truck, but to no avail. Then he tries to shoo away this aggressive beast. Then he tries to scare off what has now become his arch nemesis, but all that seems to do is rile up the bird.

Finally the UPS man gives up and hurries back to his truck and shuts the door.

So frustrating!

A passerby notices the confrontation and chases off the triumphant bird and everyone can finally go about their business.

Even the hospital staffers who haven’t had this much entertainment since their ER rotation.

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