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Beginners fishing clinic set for Aug. 2

The Nevada Department of Wildlife will be having a free fishing clinic for people of all ages at 9 a.m. Aug. 2 at Floyd Lamb Park near Durango Drive and U.S.95.

Participants will learn casting skills, fish identification, bait and lure selection and how to tie basic knots. The class will conclude with participants putting those new fishing skills to the test. Those who are 12 years old and older will need a Nevada fishing license. Clinic registration will begin at 8 a.m. Monday. Contact Ivy Santee at (702) 486-5127, ext. 3503 weekdays.


Bluegill a great fish for beginners

Many anglers don’t typically target bluegill, especially when trout, striped bass and largemouth bass are available. But those who pass up the chance to catch these scrappy little fish could miss out on some excellent fishing.

Depending on where people work in the Las Vegas Valley, they can spend a portion of their lunch hour fishing for bluegill in one of the local urban ponds. They are located at Floyd Lamb Park, Lorenzi Park, Sunset Park and Veterans Memorial Park. The latter is located in Boulder City. In addition to bluegill, the parks also offer anglers a chance to catch green sunfish and red-eared sunfish. Both species are great starter fish for future anglers.

Perhaps the biggest reasons bluegill and sunfish are not highly sought after is because they are small and little skill is needed to catch them. Yet, for these same reasons, they are the perfect choice when teaching children and others who are new to fishing. Children are just as excited to catch bluegill as any other fish. They are even a fun choice for experienced anglers.

“The great thing about fishing for bluegill and sunfish is that ordinary fishing equipment will do just fine. Nothing special is required,” said Ivy Santee, angler education coordinator for the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

The basic equipment list for bluegill fishing includes the following items: a closed face spinning reel spooled with lightweight fishing line (4-6 pounds) on a fishing rod between four and five feet long, small hooks and some split-shot sinkers. For bait night crawlers, meal worms or crickets will do the trick.

The key to catching bluegill is to fish structure. Look for weed beds, fallen tree branches, rocks or docks when searching for a good fishing spot. Once you do find the fish, cast near the fish but not on top of them. This could spook them a little. One option is to cast beyond the school of fish and drag the bait back to the fish.


Summer storms pose dangers for boaters

Summer thunderstorms in Southern Nevada are characterized by sudden and often violent changes in the weather. The characteristics of summer storms are high winds, lightning and heavy rain that create severe danger for boaters, according to the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

“Many people, especially those who are new to the desert or here on vacation just don’t realize how fast desert thunderstorms come up. Unsuspecting boaters are often taken by surprise and that can lead to problems,” said David Pfiffner, supervising game warden for NDOW.

NDOW encourages people who frequent the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and other desert water to carry a marine ban radio and a cellular telephone. The National Park Service monitors two-way radios 24-hours a day on channels 16 and 22A.

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