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Sage Leehey interviewed students at Green Valley High School.


"My favorite book I’ve had to read for school is ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’ in third grade because it had the ability to force you to think critically and it opened up my interest in reading."


"’The Catcher in the Rye’ is my favorite because of the amazing realistic story of the main character and the sarcasm that is also in the book."

SEAN FERRARO, sophomore

"My favorite is ‘The Hatchet’ because it made me read more books, mostly be Gary Paulsen."


"My favorite book from school is ‘The Giver’ because it always kept me wondering, and it was really unpredictable."


"’Lord of the Flies’ is my favorite because you could see how people would react in tough situations."


"My favorite book that I’ve had to read for school would have to be ‘1984’ because it was enlightening and taught you not to always believe what you are told. It also reveals so much about today’s society that really makes you think."

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