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How many sick days do CCSD teachers get?

Updated September 8, 2023 - 4:37 pm

It was unclear Friday whether the Clark County School District plans to investigate the use of teacher sick days after a week of unexpected staffing shortages at some campuses.

Sewell Elementary School in Henderson and Givens Elementary School in Summerlin were closed Friday. And Gibson Elementary School in Henderson canceled classes Tuesday.

Other schools — Southeast Career Technical Academy and Monaco Middle School — had one day when they moved some students to large areas on campus due to teacher shortages.

It’s not immediately clear what’s causing the staffing issues.

Earlier this week, the district said in response to the Gibson closure that “students should not be used as bargaining leverage.”

Clark County Education Association officials have said multiple times over the last week that staffing shortages aren’t associated with any union actions as collective bargaining continues.

The district and teachers union didn’t respond to a question Friday about whether any teachers are being investigated for their use of sick days.

How many sick days do teachers get?

Teachers get up to 15 sick days each year, but it’s not all are available upfront.

Employees who get a paycheck for the Sept. 25 distribution are credited with up to six sick days at the beginning of the school year.

Leave is accrued at 1.5 days per month.

Unused sick time can be carried over from year-to-year “without limit,” according to the 2021-23 collective bargaining agreement between the district and teachers union. Terms of the agreement remain in effect until a new one is reached.

Can the district review excessive or questionable sick time?

If a district review indicates an employee’s use of sick time is “excessive,” “questionable” or not in alignment with provisions of the agreement, the district can take further steps.

That could include requiring the employee to undergo a physical exam by a doctor the district chooses or for an employee to submit a written certificate from their own medical provider confirming the absence was necessary.

Employees who misuse sick leave will be subject to disciplinary action, according to the agreement.

Do teachers get any other time off?

In addition to sick time, employees receive one day of “universal leave” with no restrictions on what it can be used for. It’s deducted from accrued sick leave.

Teachers also can earn up to four personal days, but only if they meet certain criteria based on how much time off they took the previous school year.

Universal and personal leave has to be scheduled at least four days in advance and certain dates are off limits, including the Friday before Labor Day and the Tuesday or Wednesday afterward. The exception is an emergency situation.

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