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Bob Morris

Bob Morris

Bob Morris is a horticulture expert living in Las Vegas and professor emeritus for the University of Nevada. Visit his blog at xtremehorticulture.blogspot.com. Send questions to Extremehort@aol.com.

Warm midwinter weather confusing to bulbs

Question: My crocuses and tulips are poking their heads out of the dirt in my garden. They’re growing. We have had great spring weather in January. Should I let them continue, or should I put some more dirt on them?

Microclimates, manual control affect planting

Question: What do you say is our planting zone? I got a Plant Smart Sensor for Christmas, and it says we are a 7B, which is way lower than I’ve read. Just because a website says a tree or plant will be OK for a certain zone doesn’t mean it is necessarily, right?

Flower bloom determines pruning time

Question: I would like to cut back some cassia, Texas ranger and Rosemary plants that have grown too large. When is the best time to do so?

Grapes need patience when it comes to pruning

Question: When should I cut my grape vines back? They’re on a trellis and are 1 year old. During the summer, they spread out very well and produced several large groups of table grapes.

Fertilizing now will keep lawn lovely

Question: I remember you said to apply fertilizer to a lawn around Thanksgiving. But during that time, it was cold, and the fertilizer bag says to water frequently.

Culling citrus key to a healthy tree

Question: I have a Meyer lemon in a container that still has lemons on it. They are not totally ripe. What trimming should be done and what time of year?

Arctic Star fruit tree works for focal points

Question: I was reading that you really like the Arctic Star nectarine tree for growing here in Las Vegas. Is this tree a dwarf? How big will it get? What do you think of planting fruit trees in the front yard (not as a focal point, but rather on the side of the house)?

Fruit variety will fight late freezes

Question: I planted an orchard about 4 years ago here in Pahrump. I planted many different fruit varieties and have come to find some of them do not work here. Their blossoms and foliage, in most cases, are very beautiful, but the fruit does not ripen. I was wondering about some other fruit trees that may work in our area.

Avoid splitting fruits with wood mulch

Question: I have a Washington navel orange which is about four or five years old. The fruit is splitting. What causes this?

Peach trees in containers tend to grow, grow, grow

Question: In March of this year I planted a 2-foot tree with few leaves. It now has grown to 4 feet with a wide spread of branches. It is planted in an 18-inch pot in the southeast section of my yard. Will this tree continue to grow in a container? If so, should I transplant it to a larger container? I grow citrus trees in containers and in the ground successfully. This is my first attempt to grow a peach tree.

Stopping the source only sure way to beat flies

Question: My husband and I spend four months away from the valley during the summer. When we returned in late September, we could not believe the number of flies in our yard, and because we are used to leaving our doors open, in our house.

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