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Herb Jaffe

Herb Jaffe

Herb Jaffe was an op-ed columnist and investigative reporter for most of his 39 years at the Star-Ledger of Newark, New Jersey. His most recent novel, “Double Play,” is available.

Sun City resident’s experience serves as example of mail scam

It began in a simple enough manner. The letter addressed to the elderly resident of Sun City Summerlin was written on a letterhead inscribed with the Reader’s Digest logo. It told him that his “lucky number has been approved for a lump sum payout of $500,000 in cash.”

Legal Aid Center’s good works challenge lawyer stereotypes

We’ve all heard the lawyer jokes. But how about the other side of the coin? How about a story that talks about the good things that lawyers do? About how they give of themselves to help others? Lawyers such as those offering pro bono work at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.

Water conservation rebate reversal is head-scratcher

A water conservation program offering a rebate encouraging property owners to remove grass in favor of desert landscaping has come under attack in some quarters for permitting one property owner to renew his love affair with a lawn.

Artificial flora experiment has roots in cost saving

Maybe you haven’t noticed the artificial flora that have replaced the real McCoy on the median islands along a two-mile stretch of Rampart Boulevard, separating Sun City Summerlin from Desert Shores. Or maybe it’s just that you never realized the difference.

City says Summerlin Parkway widening indefinitely on the back burner

Among the grandiose highway plans that teetered and collapsed in so short a time was one that would have widened the 6-mile stretch of Summerlin Parkway from two to four lanes each way. The reasoning was simple, at least it was five years ago, when money was synonymous with confetti, to open up vast areas of the western sector of Summerlin for development and greater economic growth.

‘Groundbreaking’ may be misnomer, but Sun City Summerlin’s fire station soon will be a reality

Construction on Fire Station No. 107 in Sun City Summerlin was halted for about an hour one recent morning to permit the speeches and handshakes from some of those responsible for bringing this vital facility to the senior community. Then the construction workers, who had unassumingly broken ground a few months earlier, resumed their tasks.

HERB JAFFE: 95-year-old found plenty to dance about

This isn’t your everyday love story. It’s about a lady who loved to dance, loved to perform on the stage, loved her husband for almost six decades and just plain loved life. On July 7, Miriam Shientag celebrated her 95th birthday on stage at the Suncoast’s “Hit Parade,” dancing in front of 504 people.

School-Community Partnership Program gives residents opportunity to change students’ lives

For those who complain about the quality of education, kids who grow up unable to read or do math, teacher competency, the dropout rate and almost every other aspect of public schooling, here’s your chance to personally do something about it. The Clark County School District’s School-Community Partnership Program has been in place for 28 years and needs volunteers.

Super Summer Theatre a gem in our backyard

If you’re looking for a break from triple-digit temperatures, a refreshing evening under the stars is just for you. If you live in Summerlin, you’re only minutes away from Super Summer Theatre at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.

Summerlin far from immune to foreclosure crisis

You don’t need a doctorate in quantum philosophy to understand how disastrous the housing foreclosure problem is in Las Vegas. All you have to do is drive around any residential neighborhood to see the signs that not only say “for sale” but the more ominous “bank owned” or “in foreclosure.”
Of course this is due to the fact that Nevada leads the nation in the percentage of home foreclosures. And, just as sadly for those among us who prefer to believe that Summerlin is immune to such disasters, take note that our community is equally susceptible to the dangers of this crisis. Foreclosure notices dot the Summerlin landscape to the same extent that they do anywhere else in Las Vegas.

Summerlin sees crime drop despite sluggish economy

One of the more noteworthy occurrences during the present economic upheaval is reflected by a continuing reduction in crime for the first quarter of this year in Summerlin, northwest Las Vegas and, for that matter, the entire city. The total crime index is down 32 percent from five years ago, and that was just prior to the start of the economic slide.

Fire chief vows to keep up department’s standards

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Chief Mike Myers recently addressed homeowners in Sun City Summerlin, assuring them that despite cuts in manpower and a tight budget, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue is dedicated to retaining its rating as one of the most efficient departments of its kind in the country.