Cloud Nine offers a better experience than jail time

I had to chuckle when I heard the request from Floyd Mayweather. After spending 12 days in county jail, Mayweather and his legal team were petitioning the court for him to serve the remainder of his 90-day jail sentence under house arrest, better described as "mansion arrest." The reason? Mayweather was becoming dehydrated and malnourished in the clink, his boxing career in jeopardy as a result. No bottled water was available – just tap water. And a personal chef didn’t prepare the chow, so it was pretty near inedible. A doctor said so; it must be true. describes dehydration as using more water then you are taking in. Fever, vomiting, diarrhea or simply not drinking enough water can cause dehydration.

According to, malnutrition refers to any condition in which the body does not receive enough nutrients for proper functioning. Simply not eating or an inadequate intake of calories can cause malnutrition.

Both conditions are prevalent in developing countries. However, these nations suffer from inadequate resources to maintain a proper diet. I doubt the Clark County Detention Center suffers from these same issues. Note to my friends: This observation is strictly opinion, not having firsthand experience to report accurately like some of you have.

Mayweather apparently has an aversion to tap water and jail grub. Or he’s never played golf during the summer in Las Vegas.

I know all Las Vegas golfers have experienced both of these conditions during summer golf play in extreme weather. Short of not playing the game during the hot months, there has to be an alternative.

There is indeed.

Greg Brockelman, director of golf at Angel Park Golf Club, and David Bogue, general manager, came to the rescue. They invited me to play the Angel Park Cloud Nine Short Course. Twelve holes, par-36, 1,341 yards. Perfect. Quick and challenging.

So, on a 105-degree scorcher of an afternoon, we teed off, intent on getting our golf fix and finishing the day hydrated and nourished.

Bob Cupp designed Cloud Nine in 1993. All the holes were fashioned after some of the most famous and challenging ones around the world. Although not true replicas when it comes to yardage and layout, the holes offer the same shot-making decisions and strategies professionals face when playing the originals. Built into canyon terrain, the course offers some elevation changes that reward golfers with great Strip views. Holes measure between 85 and 146 yards, with sand traps galore. Throw in a water hazard, and you get a ton of fun.

We filled up with water in the clubhouse and hit No. 1. We wussed out and chose to use carts in lieu of walking due to the triple-digit heat. Good move; playing the hilly course proved to be physically challenging and helped increase the pace of play.

We ran out of water on hole six, but relief came on hole eight. Christy, the beverage cart attendant, arrived with refreshments. We recharged our fluid levels with the next best thing to water:a cold beer. A couple of bags of salty snacks qualified for nourishment.

We finished the remaining five holes in record time and headed to the infirmary, i.e. the clubhouse, to again double check our vital signs.

I was familiar with only three holes in the Cloud Nine layout. First was No. 7, the postage stamp hole reminiscent of the U.K.’s Royal Troon Golf Club’s No. 6. Next was No. 10, modeled after the island hole at Florida’s Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass. Last was No. 11, the famed No. 6 at Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles, which has a sand trap in the middle of the green.

And you know what? Each hole had us thinking of which strategy we should use to score the best. Just what Cupp intended.

We entered the clubhouse to relax after our round. Sure, our on-course experience lasted only 12 holes, not 12 days in jail. Was I dehydrated? No. A few beers solved that issue. Malnourished? No. I had a small snack while on the course to fix that. And we achieved our golf needs, came through unscathed and knowing summer golf can still be a kick. Cloud Nine delivered big time. And the sliders in the lounge were the best ever.

John Asay is a longtime golfer and local freelance writer. Contact him at

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