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I have often wondered about the negative campaigning that seems to be the norm in our elections these days. I suspect that most of it was made up to sway voters, though I cannot imagine who would be convinced by such unfounded speculation. Well, I do not have to suspect any more. I now know for a fact that it occurs.

I am not one to jump into a campaign. I believe candidates should explain to voters why they should be elected. My mother told me to say something nice or not say anything at all. It seems that most of our candidates these days never met my mom. I have seen how one candidate in the Ward 6 election has crafted his campaign to cast aspersions on his opponent that I know are not true. I know that Suzette LaGrange does not support collecting any tolls for travel on U.S. Highway 95 in Las Vegas. Her opponent purposely placed wrong information in his ads to lead voters astray.

I, for one, will be very skeptical about any candidate who chooses to throw dirt on others instead of talking about his own virtues. Voters in Ward 6 should be very careful of the candidate that purposely misleads his own constituents for his own gain. This has certainly opened my eyes, and I hope it opens yours. I believe every voter should cast his or her vote according to their conscience. If such a candidate is deceitful in an election, how can you trust him if elected? Just food for thought.

— Steven Curtis

Las Vegas

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