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Letters to the Editor

Out-of-state plates are out of control

I have lived here for 20 years and have never seen as many expired plates and out-of-state cars as I do now.

We live at the Crossing apartments in Henderson, and on my way leaving for work in the morning there must be 15 cars with out-of-state plates that (are) here, and that’s the first half of the apartments.

What happened?

Why do people move here and choose not to register their cars or transfer their cars? It would help our state.

What do we do?

— PJ Wood


North Las Vegas residents stand to lose rec centers, pay higher taxes

What is next for the North Las Vegas Police Department? Who do they want to be the next president of the United States? Hope they tell us soon, as I want to place bets at the casinos.

The North Las Vegas Police Officers Association is suing the city, trying to recall the elections of two seating council members and blocking an election of another council member to be seated. They are putting huge signs up, telling the residents of North Las Vegas they can no longer ensure our safety. Really, did I miss something for the past 10 years I have lived in North Las Vegas? All this time I have worried for nothing, locking up my house and cars, paid ADT for security of my home for nothing, because the North Las Vegas Police guaranteed my safety in the past. Everything the police are doing is costing our city more and more money, which is putting them further and further in debt.

I was at the last City Council meeting, and from what I can see, there are only two ways out right now, and that is for the city to lay off anyone other than police officers and firefighters, which means they will be closing all rec centers, pools, parks, all those places that our kids go to stay out of trouble, or let the state take over the city.

Now, the state is hinting, if they take over the city, they will raise taxes to the highest they can by law, which North Las Vegas residents already pay the highest in the valley now. So here is the funny part of that: The police and firefighters will get to keep their jobs, and they will not have to pay those higher taxes, because most of the police and firefighters do not even live in North Las Vegas.

They do not care that all the other residents might have to pay about $450 a year more in taxes each year.

Both my wife and I lost our well-paying jobs and were off for more than a year before we found other jobs, at a much lower pay rate, and we are getting along just fine, even with the pay cuts. How can a handful of city workers get away with what they are doing? Also looks like they have all the judges in their pockets , as every time the police cry foul, the judges rule in their favor. I wonder if those judges live in North Las Vegas. I think it is time for the residents to start voting for anyone who is NOT being supported by the North Las Vegas unions. I know I am.

— Richard Sadler

North Las Vegas

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