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Letters to the Editor


This refers to your View article entitled, “The search for work,” dated Jan. 15. May I be clarified on Gov. Brian Sandoval’s statement, i.e., “In order to continue to grow our state’s economy, we must continue to diversify, recruit new businesses to Nevada and help retain workers still looking for employment.”

The above statement didn’t mention expansion of existing businesses in Nevada. Why? Will expansion not help plug a “deep hole” in the economy?

Furthermore, the aforesaid statement mentioned helping retain workers still looking for employment. How about those still unemployed who will shift paradigm from being workers in the past to becoming employers in the foreseeable future and thereby creating more jobs? I humbly believe that the latter, who plan to do business, should be supported to help plug a “deep hole.”

Coincidentally, any support to those who will shift paradigm to do business, by way of extending the unemployment insurance, will have a positive impact on my family. With such support, we can focus on developing business and finishing a book. And we pray unceasingly that we will prosper in what we are doing, hoping for it to snowball for the greater good.

Finally, it may be worthwhile to mention that we are motivated by President Barack Obama’s encouragement of immigrants with higher education to become active catalysts of development.

— Herculano “eli” Duhaylungsod

Las Vegas


On Feb. 6, I wrote an email to Trevonda Smith, executive assistant at Walker Furniture. We exchanged about a dozen emails regarding my inquiry of colorful dinette chairs. Trevonda asked her buyer about colors in the dinette world. She walked her upstairs to the dinette floor to show her the new colors just in.

I had been there a couple of weeks earlier and didn’t see these colorful dinette chairs. I asked if a picture of the chairs could be sent to me. Trevonda explained there were lots of chairs to choose from, and pictures wouldn’t give them justice. This is when I disclosed my dilemma. I shared with Trevonda that I can’t stand or walk too long, and being as I was recently at Walker’s and didn’t see the chairs, a picture really would help. This is when Walker Furniture, 301 S. Martin Luther King Blvd., began to make my day.

Trevonda said she had a wonderful sales consultant, Esthela, who would email the pictures to me shortly. Esthela did just that, with prices and colors. I told her I would be there the next day to buy four chairs.

On Feb. 8, I entered Walker Furniture and asked for Esthela. She arrived with a customer and courteously introduced me to Mike Landsman to assist me. Accommodating my needs, Mike did all the running around. I sat comfortably in the main showroom while my purchase was made. I wasn’t made to feel awkward, which was much appreciated.

My requests for display chairs were approved and wrapped. I could not have experienced better customer service. Thank you to Trevonda, Esthela, Mike and the employee who delivered the chairs to my truck. They look great.

— Mary Crocco

Las Vegas

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