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Literary Las Vegas: Matthew Kadish

Las Vegas author Matthew Kadish published his novel “Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet” to the Amazon Kindle store with the intention of making it available to family and friends who had been bugging him to read it. He went on vacation and returned home to find he had sold more than 1,000 copies and debuted on five of Amazon’s top 100 lists. The author is now at work on the second book in the series, “The Secret Army.” The sci-fi adventure follows teen slacker Jack Finnegan, whose average life is interrupted by an alien invasion. The secret to defeating the attacking force is an ancient spacecraft that can be flown only by Earthmen. For more information on the author, visit matthewkadish.com.

Excerpt from ‘Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet’

The hero of our story was actually the most unlikely candidate for the job. He wasn’t the smartest Earthman there was, nor the strongest, nor the best leader the planet had to offer. Some of his critics would call him the luckiest of his species, though (which is not entirely unfounded considering some of the situations he was able to survive). However, in this narrator’s humble opinion, in addition to a good amount of luck, this Earthman persevered against all odds due to his amazing resourcefulness in harrowing situations, boundless courage in the face of danger, and undying loyalty to those he would call his friends — even if they did not regard him in the same way. And though he would arguably become one of the greatest heroes this universe has ever known, he did not start out that way.

In fact, his story really starts the morning of the invasion of the alien menace, in a very modest trailer home, in a small town known as River Heights, in a place known as Ohio (again, in the United States of America) when he was only 15 years old. This is the story of Earthman Jack.

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