LIterary Las Vegas: Natalie Aday

When Las Vegas writer Natalie Aday’s partner Tomi lay dying in hospice, Aday worked through a mix of grief and approaching relief. The couple’s early days of affection had long since decayed into a cycle of abuse and manipulation.

In her book "Burning Bridges," Aday combines her experiences with stories from Tomi’s childhood in an effort to make sense of her past and spread awareness about domestic abuse in same-sex relationships.

Excerpt from "Burning Bridges"

Somehow, I always seemed to look for people who were different, like me, but it never crossed my mind I’d ever get involved with someone who needed control, and could manipulate the way Tomi did. Her charming ways really worked on everyone she came into contact with. It was like a virus that ran rapid. But underneath that facade was a woman who took it as far as she could, and destroyed everything in her path. She was convinced that she was right, and everybody else was wrong. What was worse was that she made you believe it. She was insane, and she knew it.

She knew how to get what she wanted and how to make you feel as through you were the one who was losing your mind.

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