Literary Las Vegas: Robert Fejer

Robert Fejer was born in Hermosa Beach, Calif., and now lives in Henderson with his wife, Kathy, and daughter, MaryElizabeth. Fejer traveled the world as a technician in the entertainment industry. Many of his productions were tied to children’s theater. His love for children’s entertainment led him to write “Adventures of the Ant,” a picture book featuring illustrations by Yangtian Li.

Excerpt from ‘Adventures of the Ant’

He began looking around for a replacement crumb so he could drop the chocolate chip, which was now melting faster. He could feel the warm chocolate oozing onto his back and down his hind legs. Time was short, the anthill was in sight, but as is always the case during a shift change, traffic was backed up and soon came to a complete stop.

“Oh man, this stinks,” said Toneeo. “Now I’m gonna be stuck here, maybe die, and tomorrow is taco night!” Just then he had an idea. As every ant knows, there is always a debris trail — the bigger the job, the bigger the mess left behind. Toneeo thought if he could collect some crumbs and cover the melting chip, it might help bind things together long enough until he could check in. He dropped the chip, (even though dropping your load is totally frowned upon by ants) and started rolling it around trying to gather enough crumbs and stuff to coat the sticky chip.

“Yea, baby!” said Toneeo. “Right on! Looks like taco night is still on for me!”

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