Restrictions channel refuse to specialized collection sites

Republic Services, the company charged with handling the valley’s trash, can remove most refuse, but some things require special handling and can’t be put on the curb on trash day.

Paint, motor oil and other automotive fluids, flammable liquids, pool chemicals, adhesives, pesticides and fertilizer can be taken to either of Republic Services’ hazardous waste collection locations : 333 W. Gowan Road, North Las Vegas, or 560 Cape Horn Drive, Henderson. They are open alternate weeks from each other, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. A schedule , maps and what hazardous waste is accepted are available at republicservicesvegas .com.

“It’s not too busy there,” said Len Christopher, Republic Services’ general manger for recycling. “We probably get a dozen people there a day.”

Liquid paint should be turned in at the hazardous waste collection locations, but most hardware stores and household paint stores sell products designed to dry leftover paint quickly in a container. Paint can be dried the old-fashioned way, too, by simply leaving it open for a few weeks. Solidified paint can be thrown out with the regular trash.

Most of the hazardous waste that is not accepted are explosives or waste related to commercial ventures, such as for mining . Another unacceptable item is ammunition.

“It’s usually a situation where someone sold a gun and then finds some ammunition while they’re cleaning years lat er,” said Jose Hernandez, Metropolitan Police Department public information officer. “They can bring it to the nearest police station .”

Hernandez added that firearms are turned in the same way, but he cautioned that they should be unloaded.

Hazardous household waste drop-off is limited to 40 pounds or 15 gallons per visit. The waste collection locations are also where residents can drop off old batteries, computers and televisions, although there are several other options across the valley for getting rid of old batteries or electronics.

Most places that sell batteries also have a battery recycling or disposal program. As for computers, at least two valley nonprofit groups collect, erase data and decide whether the machines should be recycled or repurposed :

n Goodwill Industries of Southern Nevada has teamed with Dell on a computer recycling program called Dell Reconnect. Goodwill stores valleywide accept computers and ship them to Dell for recycling. The proceeds from the recycling go to Goodwill.

n The Blind Center of Nevada, 1001 N. Bruce St., accepts computers and other electronic equipment.

“If it plugs into a wall or runs off a battery, we can recycle (or repurpose) it,” said Jason Potter, senior sales manager for the Blind Center. “It depends on the computer . Our services are free, for the most part. The exceptions are CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors, which are a liability because of the glass and mercury. In some cases, we do charge to take them, but those fees might be waived in some circumstances.”

For larger items such as furniture and tree limbs, Republic Services has bulk days, which occur once a week in most locations.

“If it’s something like furniture that can be still be used, it would be better if they can give it to Goodwill or Salvation Army or someone else who can repurpose it,” Christopher said.

Items left on the curb are limited to 50 pounds or less and cannot be longer than 6 feet . Tree limbs should be tied and bundled . Mattresses can be put on the curb on bulk days but must be wrapped in plastic. A list of items that are accepted and bulk trash day schedules are available at republicservicesvegas .com.

Items that are too large for the curb can be hauled by residents to the Apex Regional Landfill at 13550 N. Highway 93 or one of the company’s two transfer stations : the Cheyenne Transfer Station at 315 W. Cheyenne Ave . or the Henderson Transfer Station at 560 Cape Horn Drive. Residents should bring a copy of a Republic Services bill and their ID.

“We realize that not everyone has a pickup truck or other vehicle large enough to haul away large items,” said Tracy Skenandore, area director of marketing and public relations for Republic Services of Southern Nevada. “One of the services we like to let people know about at spring cleaning time is Dumpster rental.”

Items such as boats or trailers can be brought to the Apex landfill, but as these are registered vehicles, the title must be brought along, too. There is an additional charge.

Contact Sunrise/Whitney View reporter F. Andrew Taylor at or 702-380-4532.

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