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View caption contest results, Sept. 3, 2015

First place:

“I’d like some BBQ wings, he wants an order of fries, and we both want some water. Lots of water.”

— Henry Malen, Henderson

Second place:

“It looks like Las Vegas homeowners are not the only ones underwater.”

— Mark Evans, Las Vegas

Third place:

“Look on the bright side: At least I can find my anchor now.”

— Tony Illia, Las Vegas

Fourth place:

“A few more weeks, and we can walk out of here.”

— Julianne Erikson, Henderson

Honorable mentions:

“I think we found where Jimmy Hoffa had his last meal.”

— Mark Evans, Las Vegas


“I wonder if they’re hiring.”

— Julianne Erikson, Henderson


“I’ve gotta get the name of this builder!”

— Julianne Erikson, Henderson


“At least they can’t water down their drinks.”

— Luciano Casimiri, Las Vegas


“Ya’think we might be able to get a burger and beer in here while we wait for the water level to come back up?”

— Ron Singer, Las Vegas


“Well, next week we should see our table.”

— Ken Apisa, Las Vegas


“I wonder if the jacket I left is still in there?”

— Kurt Erikson, Henderson


“If it drops two more feet, there will be parking.”

— Traci Skene, Las Vegas


“Damn, I didn’t think we’d be eating on the house.”

— Ardelle Bellman, Las Vegas


“Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?”

— Dominique Lemons, Las Vegas


“Freshest fish and chips in town.”

Daniel Pelletier, Boston


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