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Trash charges when he’s away irk man

After a lien was placed on his home for a late $43 trash bill, Lyle Lyddon took exception to a Clark County ordinance forcing residents to pay for garbage pickup as long as they have water, electricity or gas. The ordinance was enacted in 1993 to discourage desert dumping.

Literary Las Vegas: Stan and Ronny Rubens

Born in the Netherlands, Stan Rubens picked up the guitar at 14. Later he changed to keyboard and started his music career in Australia. His claim to fame was developing a system of singing three-part harmony on his own with no prerecording or backup singers. Now in Las Vegas, Rubens continues to perform and has taken up writing.

Henderson resident Penelope Pendragon describes herself a wish facilitator who helps children’s wishes come true

About four years ago, Valerie Poteete, who goes by the name Penelope Pendragon, was unhappy with her life. Her son left for the U.S. Air Force. Her house was in foreclosure. A nine-year relationship with her boyfriend had ended. At 235 pounds, Pendragon was miserable and ready to make a change. “So I pretty much excavated my life,” Pendragon said.

Dining pick of the week: Chicago Dogs

“Second City” is the nickname for Chicago, but when it comes to hot dogs, it is “First City.”

Families should overcome fear of forcing addicts to face reality

People come to my office with anguish and despair about their addicted loved one. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings and friends – flailing, cruelly impaled by helplessness like an insect on a pin. Bit by bit, piece by piece, they watch their loved one deteriorate, come apart and sink ever deeper into the madness of addiction. And there’s next to nothing they can do.