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Girl tells police abuse by officer began in 2008

Garrett Vandereecken, a Las Vegas police officer charged with sexually abusing an underage girl, said he was “the one chasing the bad guys and now is the bad guy” during a tense confrontation with the victim’s father last year, according to a police report. The girl told police the abuse began in 2008 on a Memorial Day camping trip when she was 11 years old. She is now 15.

North Las Vegas might suspend parts of union contracts as budget crisis deepens

If North Las Vegas officials don’t do something drastic, the city will be left without enough cops and firefighters to keep its residents safe, according to a resolution proposed Wednesday by City Manager Tim Hacker. The City Council is scheduled to vote June 1 on his proposal to suspend the portions of union contracts dealing with pay raises, uniform allowances and vacation buyback programs.

Water authority has 30,000 square feet of space for rent in Molasky building

The Southern Nevada Water Authority has taken on its first tenant and plans to lease more unused space at its downtown headquarters. The valley’s wholesale water supplier has about 30,000 square feet of vacant office space scattered throughout the five floors it owns in the Molasky Corporate Center, a 14-story office complex at City Parkway and Ogden Avenue, southwest of the Spaghetti Bowl.

Faith groups get together for common good

The first-ever Las Vegas Valley Community Convention for the Common Good was equal parts pep rally, revival meeting and town hall gathering. The Tuesday evening event at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas student center ballroom drew more than 1,500 people interested in organizing a broad-based, interdenominational effort to address social problems facing the valley.

Dog that killed 1-year-old gets temporary reprieve

The Nevada Supreme Court has ordered a stay of execution for the dog that killed a 1-year-old Henderson boy. The stops city animal control officials from euthanizing Onion before lawyers fighting to spare him can ask District Judge Joanna Kishner to revisit the case.

Police officer arrested on charge of lewdness with minor

A Las Vegas police officer was arrested Tuesday on a recommended felony charge of lewdness with a minor under 14. Police said Garrett Vandereecken, 43, was being investigated by his own department’s Juvenile Sexual Abuse Detail.

Literary Las Vegas: W.M. Calloway

University of Nevada, Las Vegas engineering student W.M. Calloway is interested in more than just science. He’s a tae kwon do competitor, and he plays drums and guitar and writes music based on the world of fantasy found in his book series, the Xenton Chronicles. The books follow the adventures of friends on a camping trip who acquire superhero powers. The books started as a comic book venture Calloway took on at 17. For more information on the series, visit thexentonchronicles.com.