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Sentate Bill 257 imposes tougher punishment for graffiti taggers

A new law went into effect Oct. 1 making graffiti-related offenses committed on any designated historic site in Nevada a category C felony, which comes with mandatory jail time. It allows civil lawsuits to be filed against the parents of children 18 or younger if the juveniles have defaced property with graffiti. The property owner now can seek triple damages, plus lawyer fees. The law also addresses counseling and community service.

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Ovation at Green Valley Ranch Resort to host “Sweeney Todd”

The serial killer, a barber known as Sweeney Todd has strolled Fleet Street in productions on Broadway and even on film. But for three nights, the tragic character is set to appear in Henderson.

School district hopes to improve math scores with iPad pilot program

The Clark County School District is testing a new iPad pilot program at four schools in an effort to improve math proficiency scores. About 1,150 students were given iPads instead of textbooks, preloaded with Fuse Algebra textbooks and software. Each iPad costs $687, including software, for a total of about $790,000.

Husband wants to stop acting as parent toward wife

I love my wife very much. She grew up in a loving Korean culture — a large family. I ran away from home at a young age in a divorced small family American culture. She is loving and gentle, but I sometimes talk sharply to her in correction. How can I rid myself of this damaging behavior?

Henderson Pavilion to host Nevada Wild Fest this week

While playing games, riding carnival rides, listening to concerts or holding on for dear life on a mechanical bull, residents can help the Lili Claire Foundation and support children with neurogentic disorders. Nevada West Fest, which is slated to return Wednesday through Sunday at the Henderson Pavilion, 200 S. Green Valley Parkway, is a large-scale fundraiser put on by the Lili Claire Foundation as a way for everyone to give back by just participating.

BLM revisiting policy on fixed anchors in wilderness areas

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Red Rock/Sloan Field Office used its Sept. 15 monthly open house at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Visitor Center to discuss setting policy on fixed anchors, or permanent bolts, used by rock climbers in wilderness areas.

State has inexpensive trees for sale for conservation purposes

Desert greenery will be offered for sale Oct. 15 at two little-known nurseries operated by the Nevada Division of Forestry in Las Vegas and the Reno-Carson City area.