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Volunteers find fulfillment, family at Las Vegas’ Three Square food bank

People who volunteer to help others often say that it’s the most satisfying thing they’ve ever done, so it isn’t a surprise that some east valley residents volunteer with their families or that in at least one case, at Three Square food bank, volunteers become part of an extended family.

Las Vegas animal cruelty unit coming down on cases valleywide

The Metropolitan Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Unit hit the streets a year ago, and already the unit said it has many accomplishments. The unit is partnered with city and county animal control departments, The Animal Foundation and the Desert Inn Animal Hospital and investigates cases ranging from cockfighting and dog fighting circles, animal poisoning, animal cruelty, abuse or neglect and injury or abuse to police animals.

Great Italian food to be had at Las Vegas’s Nora’s

Despite popular belief, it’s possible to get great Italian food without traveling to Italy. In fact, you can just head to Nora’s Italian Cuisine: great food, cheaper cost, and you don’t have to pack a suitcase.

Army parachutist, videographer has done nearly 7,500 jumps

When Scott Janise was growing up in the east valley, his mother Patti Janise never thought that he would be jumping out of airplanes. “When he started jumping, he would call me to tell me when he was going to jump,” Patti said. “I told him, ‘Please don’t tell me until afterward.’ I would literally bite my nails, just worried to death.”