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Fielder’s Choices: Foothill over COVID, Canyon Springs

When the grown-ups who make the rules added a Class 5A to the other classes of high school football around here, everybody thought there were going to be these great games every week. Except for maybe when the other 5A teams played against Bishop Gorman or Liberty.

That doesn’t seem to be happening this week.

This week the games will probably be a lot like boxing, except when that Fury guy fights against Wilder in this thing they call a trilogy and you have to be nice to the rich kid who lives next door so you can watch the pay-per-view for free at his parents’ house.

Foothill at Canyon Springs

Foothill is 3-1 in the Class 5A Desert League with its only loss coming against Liberty, which is a real good team except for when it has to play those Mater Dei guys from California. But Foothill is 0-3 against COVID-19, which explains why Foothill has played only four games. Nobody can beat COVID, except for maybe those Mater Dei guys, but I think Foothill can beat Canyon Springs. Foothill by 7.

Arbor View at Legacy

Last week everybody who follows high school football around here said COVID might be over. But Arbor View was the team that was supposed to play Foothill when COVID reared its ugly head again, or whatever those pro sportswriters always say. Arbor View is 5-2 and gave up only two points against Palo Verde two weeks ago. Legacy is 2-4 and scored 18 points in this one game but only 35 points combined in all of its other games. Arbor View by 17.

Green Valley at Centennial

Green Valley has this real good field goal kicker who used to be a soccer player. His name according to the program is Damon Bischoff. But he might not get to try a lot of field goals in this game because Centennial is having a bad season, and Green Valley might not have to settle for field goals like it did against Liberty last week. Green Valley by 24.

Desert Pines at Faith Lutheran

If Bishop Gorman is Nirvana and Liberty is Pearl Jam, then Desert Pines is sort of like Hole or Stone Temple Pilots. Or at least they were supposed to be before they lost to Green Valley two weeks ago. Now they’re more like Soundgarden, although their quarterback is still pretty good. Desert Pines by 10.

Palo Verde at Bishop Gorman

Bishop Gorman has scored 165 points in three games against 5A teams who have scored zero points against Bishop Gorman. Bishop Gorman’s second-string guys should get to play a lot in this game, but the clock probably will be running when they do. So they had better hurry up if they want to score some touchdowns and earn one of those big letters for their jackets. Bishop Gorman by 42.

Season predictions: 23-10

Against the spread: 18-15

Fielder is a Review-Journal correspondent during the high school sports season when he isn’t slacking off. He currently cannot be reached because his cell phone fell out of his pocket while he was skateboarding and the screen broke.

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