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A Mother’s Day gift guide for the meaning behind popular flowers

Flowers can have many meanings, and receiving them as a gift can evoke different feelings for different people. Giving a gift of such beauty and vibrant life is almost always appropriate, and especially when it’s a Mother’s Day gift.

More than a quarter of all adults gave flowers or plants as Mother’s Day gifts last year, according to AboutFlowers.com, the website of the Society of American Florists. More than half (58 percent) gave flowers to their own moms, while 28 percent presented blooms to a spouse for Mother’s Day, the website says.

It’s easy to say “I love you” with a floral gift, but if you would also like to say something more, here are some floral ideas – and their meanings – to consider this year:

Pink carnations – Carnations are among the most popular flowers given on Mother’s Day. The flower, which represents gratitude and enduring love, has long been associated with motherhood. Legend has it that the first carnations sprang from the ground where the tears of Mary, Christ’s mother, fell to the soil.

Lilies – Another popular Mother’s Day gift, lilies come in a variety of colors and each carries a special meaning. White lilies symbolize virtue and purity, while lilies in varying hues of pink represent friendship and prosperity. Delicate and fragrant lilies of the valley convey humility and devotion, while vibrantly colored tiger lilies speak of wealth and pride.

Roses – Perhaps the most-given Mother’s Day gift after carnations is the rose. More than any other flower, the color of a rose has special import. Red roses signify passionate love, while white epitomize purity. Pink roses, which symbolize gratitude, appreciation and admiration, are especially appropriate for giving to moms. And a single rose of any color represents the simple gratitude of the giver.

Azaleas – The Chinese symbol of womanhood, an azalea given as a gift means the giver is asking the recipient to “take care of yourself” and wishes the recipient health and happiness.

Sunflowers – These flowers, which capture the bright beauty of their namesake, are considered a symbol of warmth and happiness. A sunflower gift is thought to represent adoration and wishes for a long life.

You can find all these types of flowers, and many more Mother’s Day gift ideas, online at 1800flowers.com.

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