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Adventure seeker drags limo to EDC

They come from everywhere to create a massive sea of humanity known as the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Here’s one of the more improbable back stories of an EDC fan:

Seven years ago the graduating class numbered 13 in my ever-shrinking hometown of Terry, Mont.

The graduates were urged to embrace adventure.

I have this on good authority. I was the graduation speaker that day.

One of the graduates who was already well down that adventurous road was Everett Devlin, who somehow ended up at the Electric Daisy Carnival this week.

Hockey was his first love, and at 14 he left the family ranch and moved to Canada to pursue his dream to be a professional goalie.

He played high school hockey for parts of two years in Caronport, Saskatchewan, moved back to Montana for a while, then returned to Saskatchewan to play junior hockey at Fort Qu’Appelle. He ended up as a starting goalie at Concordia (Minn.) College.

Devlin showed up in Las Vegas last week with a documentary film crew following his smoke-belching limo.

His EDC odyssey began a month ago when Devlin, a welder in North Dakota’s epic Bakken oil boom, and his brother, Owen, decided they needed a party vehicle for their trip to the EDC in Chicago.

They made a trip to Denver, bought a black 1996 Lincoln stretch limo and headed for Chicago.

While partying at a campground, the Montanans caught the attention of the film crew putting together the EDC documentary. The idea was to drive the well-traveled limo more than 2,000 miles from Chicago to Las Vegas for more filming during the EDC.

But the oil-guzzling beast blew a gasket in Chicago and was gulping so much oil and coolant that Devlin decided to transport it from Williston, N.D., to Las Vegas on a trailer pulled by a pickup.

“We nicknamed (the limo) Sue,” Devlin said. “Get tough or die, after Johnny Cash’s ‘Boy Named Sue.’ ”

Instead of wasting money on new oil, he uses diesel oil drained from his pickup.

“I don’t even use the dipstick. Just keep pouring oil until it quits knocking,” Devlin said.

The EDC film crew met Devlin and his road trip wingman Michael Mulally about an hour out of Las Vegas on Wednesday to shoot more footage. When they got to Las Vegas they reunited with Devlin’s girlfriend, Rebecca Christenson, 21, of Milwaukee.

None had seen the bright lights of Las Vegas before, or one of the biggest parties in the world. But Friday’s opening show was something of a shock, said Devlin, whose cowboy hat sticks out amid the neon beehive hairdos and faux fur headwear.

“It wasn’t loud enough. Chicago was 10 times louder,” he said, a complaint I heard from other attendees.

He was back on the Strip on Saturday for more takes with the film crew.

“What a journey,” he said.


Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s left knee felt like it got whacked Saturday.

She showed up on a scooter and had to be helped to the dais to introduce downtown visionary Tony Hsieh at a luncheon for the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

A pre-existing meniscus problem finally gave way on Saturday, and her husband, former Mayor Oscar Goodman, has a couple of theories.

It probably didn’t help, he said, “that she had to look for me in 100 bars at Mandalay Bay yesterday.” Or that she went down seven flights of stairs during a mock fire drill at City Hall earlier in the week.

She put off surgery, he said, because she didn’t want it to interfere with her hostessing duties at the conference.

“She intends to go to Fremont Street tonight,” he said, for the conference’s “Taste of Downtown at the Fremont Street Experience.”

“Over my dead body,” he vowed.


Former “Dallas” star Linda Gray and two Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders at the Dallas-sponsored mayors conference luncheon Saturday at Mandalay Bay. … Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and Gavin Maloof, having lunch at Fleur (Mandalay Bay) on Friday. Johnson defeated a move by the Maloof family to sell the NBA Kings to a Seattle group earlier this year. … Paris Hilton, in a flashing costume at the EDC on Friday. A flashing lights costume, to be more precise. … Michael Eisner, the 71-year-old former CEO of The Walt Disney Company, at Wet Republic (MGM Grand) on Saturday.


“Did you see the pictures of Obama and Putin at the G-8 summit? It was like Thanksgiving with your relatives.” — David Letterman

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