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Bloom into better health with a new approach to spring cleaning

It is easy to feel “under the weather” after a long winter. As temperatures plummet, inactivity and poor eating habits can set in, which may lead to digestive discomfort. With spring right around the corner, now is the time to return to better health.

Just as you would scrub the floors or polish the furniture for spring cleaning, it is also important to refresh your overall wellness. “Your body may need some time to adjust to a new season, especially after the strain of winter, but by focusing on how you feel internally, and making simple lifestyle changes, you can retune your digestive system and feel renewed,” says leading gastroenterologist and MiraLAX spokesperson Dr. Cynthia Yoshida.

The following tips can help you feel as sparkling as your home looks when spring arrives:

* Tidy up your pantry – The winter blues may have caused you to reach for sugary, high-fat treats, but you should start your spring with a nutrition overhaul. Clear the junk food to make way for healthy, fiber-rich options including in-season fruits and vegetables and whole grains such as whole wheat pasta and brown rice. “Fiber promotes movement through your digestive system, which may reduce constipation and bloating. Remember, it is important to gradually add fiber to your diet and drink enough fluids,” explains Yoshida.

* De-stress your bedroom – From affecting sleep schedules to impacting mood, stress can have a wide range of effects on your body. Transform your bedroom into a peaceful haven by removing unnecessary clutter. Move distractions such as televisions, computers and paperwork into another room where you do not sleep or unwind.

* Search your closet – If you hibernated during the winter, it is time to dig out your favorite running shoes and workout gear. “Regular exercise, especially aerobic activity, stimulates the natural contraction of intestinal muscles, which can help optimize your digestive system,” says Yoshida. She suggests setting aside at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise such as swimming, jogging or dancing several times throughout the week to promote healthy digestion.

* Organize your medicine cabinet – As cold season comes to a close, your medicine cabinet may be overflowing. Dispose of any medications that have expired or have not been used within the past couple of months. If you experience occasional constipation, Yoshida recommends a gentle laxative product like MiraLAX. It’s safe and effective, and does not cause the harsh side effects that come to mind when some people think of the word “laxative.”

For more information on managing your digestive health, please visit MiraLAX.com.

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