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Whitney Elementary School debuts after-school program for families in need

Village of Hope Las Vegas provides a safe environment for 20 students from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday in a neighborhood riddled with crime and poverty. About 85 percent of Whitney’s students are homeless. The school has food and clothing pantries for families and provides financial assistance with utility bills, among other programs.

Artist turned teacher makes school his canvas

You can see his paintings in galleries in Bologna, Italy; New York City, Los Angeles and locally at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, 450 Fremont St., Suite 280. However, Michael Cababe’s biggest exhibit is at Bracken Elementary School, 1200 N. 27th St. Cababe became the school’s art teacher four years ago and transformed the campus into a canvas that he and his students add to each semester.

School district hopes to improve math scores with iPad pilot program

The Clark County School District is testing a new iPad pilot program at four schools in an effort to improve math proficiency scores. About 1,150 students were given iPads instead of textbooks, preloaded with Fuse Algebra textbooks and software. Each iPad costs $687, including software, for a total of about $790,000.

Nevada to apply for No Child Left Behind exit in February

Nevada’s bid to free public schools from the tightening grasp of No Child Left Behind, which demands an increasing number of students test as proficient each year, has been delayed.

New union chief at county schools has troubled past

Secret meetings in Chinatown. Shredded documents. Improper transfers of millions of dollars. The details belong in a John Grisham thriller, but they aren’t fiction.

School Board rejects year-round option despite crowding

Crowding at 70 elementary schools should trigger a switch from nine-month to year-round schedules in 2012-13 under the Clark County School District’s rules. But the School Board decided Wednesday to follow Superintendent Dwight Jones’ recommendation to ignore the trigger for another year. The district converted its 75 year-round schools to nine-month calendars in 2011-12 to save $21 million annually.

National program allows recent graduates to guide at-risk students

The Teach For America program offers recent graduates of all degrees a chance to become educators, placing them at schools in at-risk communities. TFA is a national nonprofit organization that recruits college students for two-year teaching commitments.

Las Vegas dental clinic provides health care to at-risk students

Clark High School ninth-grader Sara Dula hadn’t seen a dentist in years. Her family couldn’t afford it. Her lack of regular check-ups would have continued had the dentist not come to her. Future Smiles, a nonprofit group that provides oral health care to at-risk students, opened a clinic last month in a modular building at Clark, 4291 W. Pennwood Ave.

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