Readers share stories about their mothers

Mother’s Day provides time to reflect

My name is Honey Houston and I am writing you about my fiance’s mother, who passed away coming up on three years ago.

This year Mother’s Day is five days before her death date.

Kathleen Dawn Keyser was a beautiful, caring, supportive, creative and a full-of-life mother. She gave her children the best she could regardless of the circumstances. She was more than the awesome mother everyone wanted, she was my best friend that I miss, love and think about every day. She taught me so much about life and prepared me for things I otherwise would have been clueless about. She is now my guardian angel in heaven that I miss more than anything. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you!

– Vincent & Honey Keyser

Mom joined Marines ‘on a whim’

I am writing to tell you about my mom, Betty Lou Longhofer Delaney. This is probably way longer than you’d want, but my mom was a great mom and a fine person.

My mom was raised on a farm in Marion, Kan. She commented once that she dreaded summers and school being out because (she) and her brother would have to work on the farm from sunrise to sunset. It was hard, back-breaking work in the summer heat and humidity.

After my mom graduated from high school, she went to business college in, I believe, Manhattan, Kan. Following graduation, she worked in Wichita but, on a whim, joined the Marines. She loved service life. She was stationed at Parris Island, where she met my dad. After a year courtship, they married in 1952. My mother was a sergeant and my dad was a corporal. When she found out she was pregnant, she had to leave the service. In those days, the Marines did not have maternity uniforms. My parents were married 52 years before my dad’s passing in 2005.

My mom was a huge fan of the singer Engelbert Humperdinck. We would travel to California, Arizona and Northern Nevada to see him perform. She loved going on road trips. She loved attending shows on the Strip, too. When she knew we were going out, she’d plan for days for what to wear.

The most important thing my mother taught my brothers and me, along with fairness and a sense of right and wrong, was the benefit of hard work. This is something she did all her life; she was working part-time when she retired in 2004, at the age of 76, because my dad suffered a stroke and she needed to be home with him.

April 17 was the second anniversary of her passing. An interesting fact: My oldest brother was visiting from Boston the week Mom passed. My mother’s time of death was 9:11 a.m.; my oldest brother’s birthday is 9/11. There is not a day goes by that I do not miss her.

– Robin Delaney

Mother always in poet’s thoughts

I lost my mom back in 1993, and although the pain of her loss has subsided I still miss her every day. I hope this may be a reminder to all those who are blessed to still have their moms to cherish her and take good care of her. Make sure she knows how special she is to you.

Proud To Be Your Daughter

To Barbara Lynette Palmer Wedgeworth

August 15, 1936 – April 16, 1993

When the evening sun was sinking and our minds were free,

While of others I’d be thinking, your thoughts, although many, would never be without me!

Now the evening has sunk, and the stars are peeping through,

Some hearts are lonesome somewhere, as mine is Mom for you!

With you I was truly blessed, for as a mom, God gave to me His very best!

Now He’s called you home, you’ve completed life’s test,

God gave us the sparrow as well as the dove,

These birds are my reminders of His and your love!

I love you now and will forever,

Times may change but this love never!

Friends may enter, death may part,

But change will never find this part of my heart!

Proud to be your daughter in whatever life we roam,

With Jesus as our leader!

And Heaven our one true home!

– Pamela Wedgeworth Anderson

What makes my mother special.

When I was young I didn’t realize how hard my mom worked. Taking care of us. Cleaning, cooking. Her sleepless nights when we were sick and never asking for anything. But now, I see how special my mom was.

Her love to us has crossed over and she is still teaching me to do my best as a mother and a grandmother. My mother is not there today, but to me she will always be special.

– Alexandra Muniz

Mom was a cookie baking wonder

My mom was the greatest mom ever! Including me, the oldest, she had four children. When all of us were in grade school, not only did she work a full-time job, but when we had parties at school, my mom would work all day and then come home and make decorated sugar cookies for us all to take to school the next day. Each of us had 25-32 kids in each class. Depending on the holiday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Thanksgiving, she not only made the best sugar cookies (an old family recipe), she would decorate them according to the holiday for all four of us.

What a woman! She was always there whenever any of us needed her, whether it was good or bad news. She always had the answer. Never negative. Always positive.

When cancer took her away from us in 2005, I was so alone. Being the oldest, I was the one who always kept in touch with her. She was my best friend. Now that we are all "orphans," I still talk to her every day. She still listens. Even though I can’t hear her voice, she sends me signs that she is still listening. I miss her so much, but I know she is still there in spirit. I wrote a poem for her before she died, and she said to me, "Sharon, I knew you were a smart person, but I never knew you could write poetry. I love my poem and will treasure it forever. You should pursue your talent."

I would write my poem for you here, but it’s lengthy and I know you don’t have that much space. This is long enough. Maybe too long, and it doesn’t even describe what an incredible woman she was.

– Sharon Johnson

Eisenberg Elementary kids cheer moms

Students in Heather Telford’s fifth-grade class at Eisenberg Elementary School, 7770 W. Delhi Ave., were asked to write on the topic "My mom is awesome." Responses included:

My mom … cheers me up when I’m feeling like a flower in the hard pouring rain. She’s always there for me when I have a bad day at school. My mom is my shoulder to cry and lean on. My mom is the sunshine that wakes me up in the morning.

– Akira Lawson

My mom … can be annoying sometimes but that’s what moms are supposed to do, ’cause they’re moms. When you say there (sic) annoying, their (sic) probably telling you to clean your room. But that doesn’t mean she does not stop loving you.

– Michael Arnold

My mom (has) been with me through thick and thin. She’s always nice and the way her smile lights up the world makes me feel better. My mom’s the best! When I need a shoulder to cry on, I know she’s someone to rely on.

– Yohanna Quinonez

My mom … gives me a million hugs and kisses every day. She also cares enough to help me when I’m feeling blue.

– Chloe Ruevo Crafts

My mom knows how to handle me when I throw a fit. She always gives a lot … She loves me on my good days and on the days that I am bad. She loves me on the days that I am stubborn and drive her insane. My mom loves me anyway. – Karyn Shuler

My mom has always been with me in the roughest and hardest times. She is always trying to cheer me up when I’m sad. Anybody can say their mom can do tricks, their moms are doctors and lawyers and all that stuff, but I know my mom is the best of all.

– Alex Lira

My mom is awesome because she supports me (in) hockey. My mom buys me any type of equipment I need to be safe. She comes to every game. My mom even says how good I did even if I lose.

– Blaze Katz

My mom is like a furry teddy bear. She always was there at all my games. She helped me ride my bike when I was falling off again and again until I got the hang of it. She is my number one fan and she will always be one. She goes shopping with me. My mom is the best mom ever! She is as bright as the sun.

– Mackenzie Thompson

My mom is awesome because she cheers me on by encouraging me to do my best. She shows her love by giving me hugs and kisses and tucking me in before I go to bed. She does everything she can for me and sometimes I don’t appreciate her. And when I think about it, she is still here with me today, and I couldn’t ask for more. I love you, Mommy!

– Haley Rust

My mom is awesome because she lets me go on the computer to play video games. In fifth grade, she helped me on the science project. She is active and lets me play outside with my friends. She gives me treats in my lunch and wishes me good luck in school. But the one reason that stands above all reasons is she loves me and the family.

– Ben Steele

My mom is awesome because she works 40 hours a week to feed us and to pay rent. It’s been difficult trying to pay bills because my brother was recently in the hospital. I’ve never seen Mom put her needs in front of our family’s needs. I’m very lucky to have the mom that I do.

– Brooke Gradney

My mom is awesome because she’s always taking care of more than four kids a day. My mom is also awesome because she is like a night owl. She’s always up all night cleaning. Even though I don’t show it, but I will always love her & I’ll regret all the bad things I’ve done & said when she isn’t here anymore. Even if she is gone she’ll always be in my heart.

– Clarity Cardosi

The students also wrote about their grandmothers:

My grandma is awesome because she’s always prepared like a lion ready to attack. My grandma is awesome because she would sacrifice herself to keep me safe. My grandma is awesome because she’s given me such a good life I could never repay her for it.

– Ahpadsara Ra

Moms loved by Ober Elementary Kids

Students in Mary Weisenmiller’s second-grade class at Ober Elementary School, 3035 Desert Marigold Lane, were also asked to write about the topic "My mom is awesome." Responses included:

I am going to tell you about my mom. Soon, you will wish my mom is yours … First, my mom takes care of me. Second, she helps me do everything. Third, she also keeps her promises. … I love my mom more than infinity.

– Nathan Woolard

I like my mom because she is nice, helpful, respectful and she buys me the things I want. She tucks me in at night. My mom makes a healthy dinner. If it weren’t for my mom, I wouldn’t be born! Then I would be miserable!

– Joshua Fortner

My mom is awesome because she helps me all the time if I am hurt or sad. She is fun, too, just like when she put on the radio and then she dances. She also plays checkers with me, too. She’s a really good player.

– Sage Ullman

My mom is awesome because she lets me go swimming every Wednesday in the summertime. She lets me have a midnight snack. She is always taking care of me.

– Leila Andrews

My mom is awesome because she lets me go everywhere, like the movie place: "The Hunger Games." My mom is fantastic because she lets me go shopping with her. She lets me buy everything I want .. she helps me when I have a fever … she lets me go outside to ride my bike every day for fun.

– Suhana Quassani

My mom is awesome because she takes me places … she takes care of me and gives me money when I do my chores. When I go to bed, she lets me watch TV a little bit more. My mom reads with me every day. She gives me candy. My mom makes a delicious dinner.

– Skyler Beall

My mom is amazing. She’s always doing something. She cleans up the house, she makes lunch and dinner, and it is delicious. Soon, she is going to have four kids! I think it’s awesome that she is going to handle four kids!

– Madison Kessack

A person who I love in my family is my mom. First, she is a great cook. My favorite food is filet. Also, she always takes a bite of our food. That’s OK with me. Next, she is always talking or texting on the phone. She lets us play Temple Run. Last, she gives us kisses before bed. I love when I see her every afternoon.

– Rachel Frederick

My mom is awesome. I mean really awesome. She makes spectacular food. It’s so good, I feel like I’m in La-La-Land … She has awesome clothes. They are so sparkle-y (sic). That is another reason why my mom is awesome. My mom is rich. She has sensitive ears and so do I. So she can get $1,000 earrings. That is why I think my mom is awesome.

– Emma Greber

My mom is nice to me, my brother, my dad and her friends … she cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, mom cleans, buys me stuff, tucks me into bed and cares for me … (she is) from a country in Caracas, Venezuela. Just like me, she speaks Spanish, too. That is why my mom is first-class.

– Camila Suarez

God Sent Me An Angel

By Amy Worek (to Mary Ann Worek)

I’ve always wondered in my mind

If angels were for real.

To watch over me everyday

And know exactly how I feel.

Whenever I was down and out

And feeling very blue,

I wanted someone to turn to

To help me feel brand new.

So I prayed to God every night

While lying in my bed,

Asking for his loving help and

Hoped he heard all I said.

Every time something goes wrong

Whether it’s one thing or another,

I think of all the blessings I have

Then call and talk to my mother.

No matter what has happened

Or whatever has gone wrong,

Just to hear her loving voice

It’s like my problems were gone.

So all this time I was blind

I should have known all along,

The angel that I’ve asked God for

Has always been my MOM!!

Mom runs circles around everyone

I am sure you will get a big response from people across the valley regarding your request to share stories about their mother. I am hoping you will take the time to really review this particular one and consider how much she makes an impact.

I am writing about my "mother-in-law," really my mother, as I didn’t have one growing up per se. Her name is Melvena Yonkouski, her friends call her Venie, and I have the honor of calling her "Mom."

She will be 78 on July 3. She runs circles around everyone, even the little ones in our family. She is up at the crack of dawn, and before she does anything, she does her daily exercises for an hour. Then she will have her coffee and breakfast with Dad. Then she proceeds to clean the house every day! The house is spotless. Then she checks her daily calendar to see what she has scheduled to do, which is always full.

She is retired and has and still does belong and preside over several women’s organizations in Las Vegas where she has made numerous friends and become close to quite a few. She dresses like a million dollars on a shoestring budget! That is not an exaggeration; she coordinates and matches her clothing all the way with the accessories: her earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, to her belt and shoes. Her friends who have big dollars would never expect her to shop where she does, as they always comment on how marvelous she looks, and, "Oh where did you find that?" She just giggles and says, Oh, it’s just something I threw together or had." She is petite and doesn’t look her age. When many others half her age have spent the dollars for cosmetic surgery, she never has.

She is a breast cancer survivor before it was really made public. She went through it all, which back then was extreme and difficult, with still being a wife and mother to her three children, her oldest son being my husband, Joe Jr. She has been through prostate cancer with her husband, Joe, and his knee surgeries and seven back surgeries. She has been through two brain surgeries for a rare brain tumor of her second oldest, which is her other son, Scott. She has been there for her daughter Tracie for all her struggles and having babies. She is there for me with new diagnosis of epilepsy.

She met Dad when she was 14 years old. They later started dating and then married. She has never been with another man in her life and they will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary Aug. 8.

One of the reasons for their long marriage is that they take time for each other, such as their afternoon wine together.

There is so very much to her that this is just a super quick summation of her. She has left a footprint everywhere she has gone and goes. She is strong in church and touches everyone in a unique way.

This is my Mom, and I love her.

– Ginna Yonkouski

Mom provides a wealth of support

About my mother – Marie

I feel my mom is the most unselfish, giving and loving person I’ve known in my 57 years of life. Coming from Italian parents, she exceeds in values, faith and, of course, cooking. She will be 81 years young this August, and she has so much energy in her 5-foot frame that she puts a lot of much younger people to shame.

Nine years ago, I hurt my back so badly that I could hardly walk, and doctors wanted to operate. This injury has affected my everyday movement of life painfully. I have difficulty walking and standing.

My mom, who is 23 years older than I am, takes me to doctor appointments and the market when I can’t drive. She not only helps me shop but bags my groceries and even loads and unloads them from her car. This makes me cry, as I should be doing these things for her at this time in her life! If it weren’t for my mom, I don’t think I’d have any food in my house.

On top of all this, she even brings me dinner when she cooks too much (even if it’s just for my dog.)

My father passed away in 1999, after 48 years of marriage. I can’t imagine the loss she feels in her heart every day, but my mom continues to stay busy and active whether it be going to the gym, church or lunch with her gal pals. I only wish my mom could live forever!

So I conclude that I am the luckiest woman on earth to have this wonderful mother (who I share with a brother, her two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren).

I love you so much, Mom! You’re amazing!

All my love,

– Michele A. Marano

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Home prices rose in every ZIP code in the Las Vegas Valley in 2018 for the second year in a row, according to SalesTraq. Prices grew fastest in older, more centrally located areas. But prices were highest in the suburbs. The top three ZIP codes for price growth were 89119 (29.8%), 89146 (25%) and 89030 (24.6%). The top three ZIP codes for median sales prices were 89138 ($464,500), 89135 ($420,500) and 89052 ($370,000).
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Las Vegas children attend school during a rare snowstorm on Feb. 21, 2019. Staton Elementary School and other CCSD schools remained open. (Glenn Cook/Las Vegas Review-Journal)
People enjoying the snow in Summerlin
Fox Hill Park in Summerlin was busy Thursday morning, Feb. 21, 2019, with people enjoying the rare snow that fell overnight. (Mat Luschek/Las Vegas Review-Journal)
NHP advises motorists to take caution during Las Vegas snowstorm
NHP advised motorists to take caution during the snowstorm in Las Vegas. (Bizuayehu Tesfaye/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @bizutesfaye
It is a rainy Valentine's Day in Las Vegas - Video
These scenes come from the Las Vegas Stadium LiveCam (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
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