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Google phone comes through

I’ve been carrying around a Google phone the past several days, and my first impression was, hey, it’s a good first try, but I wouldn’t recommend it or rush out to buy one. The navigation is clunky, the phone handset is chunky and the battery drained quickly.

And then it happened. The Google phone performed when my Treo on the AT&T network couldn’t. Election night happened to be bowling night, and I was confined to the Texas Station lanes, which happen to be in  a very deep basement. Finding any mobile signal there is nearly impossible,  although I can sometimes place a call or check data if I’m standing in a deep corner of the locker area, facing east on the second Tuesday of the month. You get the idea.

The Google phone, powered by the T-Mobile network, came through. I was able to follow the election results all evening on the Mobile New York Times site. The signal was consistent and I became more comfortable with the quirky navigation.

I’ll do a more thorough review in a future column. I’m anxious to hear from other Google phone users about their impressions of the device and service.

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