Mark Steyn on Limbaugh show rips into columnist Frank Rich for name calling

After I chided columnist Frank Rich for his piece in the New York Times and the Las Vegas Sun on Sunday, Rush Limbaugh’s guest host, Mark Steyn, pilloried Rich Monday morning.

Rich basically argued that those who oppose ObamaCare aren’t doing so on principle but would oppose whatever agenda is put forth, whether it be immigration or cap and trade or whatever, because they are sexist, racist homophobes who are upset there is a black man in the White House, a woman in charge of the House of Representatives, a "wise Latina" on the Supreme Court and a gay man chairing a powerful congressional committee.

Steyn lit into Rich with his sarcastic wit and Canadian accent — he calls himself the undocumented guest host — in the same vein, saying Rich had called ObamaCare opponents misogynistic, racist homophobes.

At one point he noted that his audience could follow up and read his comments later online because Media Matters employs "a bunch of guys named Zachery" to transcribe the Limbaugh program so they can later rail against it. Sure enough, Media Matters today has a blog titled "Rush Fill-In Steyn Compares Health Care Reform To Serfdom And The Stamp Act." It is not exactly a transcription, but it has some highlights and some audio clips that, though I’m sure Media Matters does not think so, are quite entertaining.

Here are a couple:


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