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We asked AI to write a poem about Nevada. Here’s what it said

The artificial intelligence industry is growing, along with debates on how it should be regulated. Critics are concerned about the quality chatbots give, whether the information is accurate or if they contain biases.

While those concerns are valid, ChatGPT has also been used by many for fun, entertaining purposes, from making country songs to seeing what it thinks people from each state look like.

Out of curiosity, the Review-Journal asked ChatGPT to write a poem about the state of Nevada’s politics. We asked it to include descriptions of Nevada’s landscapes and tourist destinations while also describing how Nevadans feel about politics.

Almost instantaneously, the AI came up with a six-stanza poem, describing some of Nevada’s best known features, from the Strip to the Sierra Nevada. It knew Carson City was the capital where the Legislature is located and that sagebrush makes up a large part of Nevada’s ecosystem. On the political angle, however, the chatbot was vague, though not necessarily wrong. The poem reflects what AI can do, but also where its shortcomings are.

Here’s the poem:

In the heart of the desert, where sagebrush dances,

Lies a land of contrasts, where the spirit takes chances.

Nevada, a state of rugged beauty and allure,

But in its politics, tensions often endure.

From the bright lights of Vegas to the peaks of the Sierra,

Nevada’s landscapes evoke both awe and terror.

Tourists flock to the Strip, seeking fortune and fame,

While others seek solace in the mountains, far from the game.

But beneath the glitz and the glamour, there lies

A sense of unease, a questioning of ties

To the powers that be, to the games they play,

Nevadans often feel they have no say.

In Carson City, decisions are made,

But do they reflect the needs of those in the glade?

Or are they swayed by forces unseen,

Leaving Nevadans wondering what might have been?

Yet despite the challenges, there is hope,

In the hearts of Nevadans, they refuse to mope.

They stand tall, proud of their state,

Ready to shape its future, to decide its fate.

So as the sun sets on the desert plain,

And the stars come out, a celestial reign,

Nevadans look to the future with resolve,

Knowing that together, they can evolve.

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