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Nevada lawmakers, critics debate Common Core standards

Tuesday’s meeting of the Legislative Committee on Education was anything but ordinary as heated discussion revolved around one topic for nine hours — the Common Core – and what’s coming with them as Nevada public schools phase in the new state standards.

Prosecutor dismisses Hatch Act complaint against North Las Vegas assemblyman

The Clark County District Attorney’s Office has dismissed a complaint against Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson, who was accused by the son of a woman running against him of violating the Hatch Act, which bans federal workers from engaging in partisan politics.

Obamacare an early subject for Lowden, Hutchison

The two top Republicans running for lieutenant governor — Sue Lowden and Mark Hutchison — have dueling TV ads on Hutchison’s role in President Barack Obama’s signature health care insurance law.

Nevada gives final OK to medical marijuana dispensary rules

Regulations establishing the rules for opening medical marijuana dispensaries in Nevada were approved by the Legislative Commission without comment Friday.

Campaign complaint hits back at attack ads in AG race

A Nevada-registered political action committee on Friday filed an “elections integrity” complaint against the State Government Leadership Foundation for running a $500,000 TV and Internet ad campaign against Secretary of State Ross Miller, a Democrat running for attorney general.

Half of millennials more likely to lean Democratic

Most of America’s young adults are single, don’t go to church and while half say they have no loyalty to a political party, when pushed they tend to swing further left politically than those before them.

Long-hauling could be black mark on Las Vegas’ GOP convention hopes

Las Vegas is angling to host the 2016 Republican National Convention at the same time the Nevada Taxicab Authority is trying to shake off a reputation for lax enforcement of taxi drivers who long-haul passengers to illegally jack up fares.

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