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Senate bill would ease smoking restrictions

CARSON CITY — Bar and restaurant representatives told legislators Friday their customer base and profits have declined dramatically and they’ve been forced to lay off workers because of a smoking ban approved by voters in 2006.

Workers oppose cutting state’s pension benefits

At a time when government workers have agreed to reduce pay raises to prevent layoffs, union leaders for police officers, firefighters, teachers and other public employees on Friday blasted a long-term measure that would reduce government pensions and save millions in tax dollars a year.

Legislators discuss budget problems

CARSON CITY — A new legislative analysis released Thursday shows the state Legislature would have to increase taxes by $2.2 billion to fund services at roughly current levels.

Munford proposes bill to change parole system

CARSON CITY — A Nevada lawmaker testified Thursday that the main consideration in granting paroles to inmates should be their potential to stay out of trouble and contribute positively to society once they’re back on the street.

Dad of ex-teen prostitute urges bill targeting pimps

CARSON CITY — The father of a former teen prostitute along with advocates for children urged legislators Wednesday to pass a bill that would allow authorities to confiscate property from pimps and fine them as much as $1 million.

Budget forecast looking worse

CARSON CITY — A new fiscal analysis further underscores that lawmakers will need to raise taxes to keep the doors of schools open and the doors of prison cells locked, according to Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley.

Legislators review bills on energy

CARSON CITY — Lawmakers heard testimony Wednesday on bills aimed at reducing energy use in state buildings and further examining Hoover Dam as a hydropower source.

Agassi urges reforms in education

CARSON CITY — Tennis champion Andre Agassi asked lawmakers on Wednesday to take advantage of “a ripe opportunity” to make education system changes in a state that ranks near the bottom nationally in K-12 per-pupil spending and graduation rates.

Gibbons: Give energy companies break

CARSON CITY — Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons drew a largely negative response from legislators Tuesday when he urged them to reduce taxes to induce renewable energy companies to build facilities in Nevada.

Stewart pursues stronger law for sex offenders

CARSON CITY — Nevada lawmakers debated a bill Tuesday that would provide additional protections to victims of sex offenders, by prohibiting the offenders from moving within 1,000 feet of the victims.

New revenue needs will be revealed Friday

CARSON CITY — Democratic legislative leaders intend to release Friday a figure for how much they believe needs to be raised in new taxes to balance the budget, Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley said Monday.

Berkley tells legislators to emphasize education

CARSON CITY — U.S. Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev., urged Nevada lawmakers on Monday to figure a way around the $2 billion-plus revenue shortfall faced by the state and fund public education and social services for children adequately.

‘Green jobs’ bill clears hurdle

CARSON CITY — A “green jobs” initiative sought by Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford, D-Las Vegas, moved Monday to the full Nevada Senate following approval of amendments by a key legislative committee.

Marijuana activists take stand against bill

CARSON CITY — Medical marijuana advocates testified Monday that a bill prescribing prison sentences for growing more than seven marijuana plants will prevent sick people from getting their “medicine.”

Salaries turn into political football

Gov. Jim Gibbons has asked state workers to take a 6 percent pay cut and pay more for health insurance, but some members of his own staff have gotten big pay increases over the past two years, prompting a public outcry.

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