Sarah Palin’s fans are fervent, but she still won’t be president

Conservatives love their Sarah Palin. They flat out adore her whether she hints at a presidential run, resigns as Alaska’s governor, or skins a moose in downtown Anchorage.

Palin’s campaign stops in Nevada during the waning days of Campaign ’08 provided conservative Republicans their only opportunity to cheer, as I pointed out in a recent column. Her bewildering announcement that she is resigning has done nothing to dampen the ardor of her letter-writing supporters.

It’s clear these readers love me, too — from a distance visible only with the assistance of the Hubble telescope.

Larry Rose says, “It really bothers the Liberals that Sarah did not put any specificity into her resigning doesn’t it? … Keep on wondering what in the world happened to her. They will see in due time when she gets the country back the way the Founding Fathers intended it to be, not the mess it is today.”

Chet Taszreak writes, “I wonder how long you would keep your job if you had all the accusations thrown at you that Sarah Palin has had thrown at her. And how long could you concentrate on your job if you had to spend day after day defending yourself and worst of all snide remarks and innuendos about your sons and wife, as she has about her daughters and her husband.”

Fortunately, I’ve never been victimized by snide remarks and innuendo.

Michael Kiger’s Valentine begins, “Palin’s resignation is the beginning of the end of your pathetic career. It’s no wonder print media is dying and the ‘elite’ news outlets are floundering. Don’t you ‘Dems’ have anything better to do than to waste your time with non-stories.”

My non-story continues with this comment from Roy Brooks of Pahrump: “I hardly know where to start about this Palin thing. I really think that the people in this country have become stupid. … She has done a fine job there and yet these goons do nothing else but vilify her. And while I’m at it, you are doing the very same thing. You said she looked addled, well, wouldn’t you if all the letters you get (for nine months) were telling you what a dummy you are and what a lousy thing you’ve been doing.”

That would be devastating. Fortunately, I receive only Hallmark cards.

Mike Roberts says, “I have been in Las Vegas since 1968 and have seen a lot and heard a lot and one thing I am not is a rube. Stick to your local stories about human pieces of garbage like Frank Cullotta, local con men and shake down artists. Take your article to the Dave Letterman show and get a free pass. … The USA is right now Europe 1939, someone speaking out against tyranny they were carted off, never to be seen again. In 2009 you speak out and the media and press destroy you. I will never buy one of your books.”

Another sale lost. But, I wonder, will you reconsider if I take you to the Letterman show? My passes should be here any day.

Rhonda Means writes, “You just don’t get it in regards to Sarah Palin. I lived in Wasilla, AK when she was mayor. She is not your average by-the-book do-what-is-best-for-me politician. And that is why she is so appealing. She realizes that as long as she is governor of Alaska she will no longer be able to do the job she was elected to do. Why? Simple, because the media and those afraid of her convictions continue to harass her and her family.”

Wes Hart tells me, “You news folks have been blind-sided by a hockey mom. Might I suggest that you duck and cover and lay low while she lines up her next slap shot!”

Thanks for the warning, Wes. I’ll wear my hockey pads before writing another column.

Gentle reader Charlie observes, “Maybe we should look back into the ’60s when Richard Nixon was down and out and came back to be elected by a landslide in two Presidential elections. The way this current administration is working I believe Sarah will have no trouble come 2012.”

Good point, Charlie. But I’m guessing “Palin — just like Nixon!” will be rejected by her political advisers.

Fan letters aside, for better or worse, I don’t think we’ll have Sarah Palin to kick around any more.

John L. Smith’s column appears Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. E-mail him at or call (702) 383-0295. He also blogs at

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