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Science and Technology

Lenovo announces new VR headset at CES in Las Vegas

Add Lenovo to the list of companies making virtual reality (VR) headsets. The Chinese consumer electronics giant announced at CES in Las Vegas this week that it is going to launch its own VR device later this year.

Boulder City bighorn herd still ailing as ‘insidious’ bacteria spreads

A once-robust group of bighorn sheep in the River Mountains between Henderson and Boulder City is still suffering the effects of an “insidious” strain of deadly bacteria, though the herd’s numbers improved somewhat over the past year, state wildlife officials said.

Twitter CEO open to letting users edit Tweets

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey signaled on Twitter Thursday that his company is going to let users edit their tweets in the future. Dorsey said that Twitter is “thinking a lot about” bringing editing functionality to tweets, and then went on to say that “a form of edit” was needed.

Twitter adds 360-degree feature to live video streams

Twitter is adding live 360-degree video streams to its service, courtesy of Periscope: The company officially rolled out support for live 360-degree video streams Wednesday, allowing users of Twitter’s and Periscope’s apps and website to pan within a live stream simply by moving their phone around.

Party balloons become ‘airborne litter’ in Nevada desert

Officials from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said they can’t go anywhere on the 1.6 million acre Desert National Wildlife Refuge without finding at least one Mylar balloon blown in from nearby Las Vegas.

‘Pokemon Go’ now available for Apple Watch

The popular mobile game “Pokemon Go” is now available on the Apple Watch, squashing rumors that the game’s maker was scrapping such plans.

Rare plant named after legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix

California researchers have named a newly discovered rare plant after Jimi Hendrix. The plant, found in Baja California, Mexico, has been christened Dudleya hendrixii , or “Hendrix’s liveforever.”