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Spam, spam, spam and scams

I’ve been writing in my column the past couple weeks about online scams. A couple of readers took the time to comment on my last column, inferring they don’t appreciate the topic and want me to cover other topics.

I agree that writing about the same topic in  consecutive columns could be boring for some, but I’ll defend my pieces on spam and scams for one simple reason: people continue to fall for them. It never hurts to send a reminder via my column about the hazards lurking online. Spam is one. Scams are another. Identity theft, malware, spyware… you name it. There are plenty of reasons to be cautious when surfing the Web or clicking through your inbox. The bottom line: use common sense. If something smells fishy (like the offer to invest $2k to get millions in return) it probably is.

Don’t be suckered into scams that scream unbelievable promises. Delete, delete, delete.

One person who left a comment on my most recent column tossed out the question: "What would you like him to write about?"

Well… tell me. I  ALWAYS welcome suggestions and tips. There’s a whole Internet out there. Let me know what you’d like have me put in the spotlight.

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