“Why are they all running to Colorado?” he asked. “What have they got down there that we haven’t got?”

The young man grinned, “Maybe it’s something you’ve got that they haven’t got.”

“What?”  The young man did not answer. “I don’t see it. It’s a backward, primitive, unenlightened place. They don’t even have a modern government. It’s the worst government in any state. The laziest. It does nothing — outside of keeping law courts and a police department. It doesn’t do anything for the people. It doesn’t help anybody. I don’t see why all out best companies want to run there.”

The young man glanced down at him, but did not answer.

Mr. Mowen sighed. “Things aren’t right,” he said. “The Equalization of Opportunity Bill was a sound idea. There’s got to be a chance for everybody. …”

Does that sound vaguely familiar? Like what they used to say about Nevada back before the various record tax hikes, back before the Community Reinvestment Act made homes affordable for those who could not afford them?

Does it sound like the biennial monologue of the Democrats: We are atop every worst list.

But we were attracting booming population and filling jobs.

If you thought Orwell’s “1984” was prophetic, perhaps you should reread Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.”