A moral obligation to not bankrupt the country

To the editor:

In a Nov. 6 letter, Al Marquis states, “While it may be true that universal health care will cost all of us, I think adequate health care for all Americans should be a priority.”

Without debating the stated moral obligations of his view, I would like to remind Mr. Marquis that the changes currently proposed by the Democrat leadership will cost far more than anticipated (it always does), will result in rationing at some point (more coverage with same or fewer doctors), and will contribute to bankrupting our nation (do the math on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security obligations).

To think otherwise is to place blind faith in a system and individuals (the political class) that don’t have a particularly good record in controlling the spending of our money.

Grandstanding, demonizing those who oppose the current proposals, and providing false or misleading information will not bring about meaningful change. The health care debate must rise to a level where it can be understood and endorsed by those it will affect.

Let’s remember, in addition to the moral obligations we have to our neighbors, we also have a greater obligation not to bankrupt this nation.

Victor Onufrieff


Steep descent

To the editor:

Great thunderous kudos to the Review-Journal for running Phyllis Schlafly’s column on the Thursday commentary page (“What if Obama had been honest about his plans?”).

I believe many of us share her views.

Where were the banner headlines last year when we really needed ammo like the points Ms. Schlafly provides. It takes a strong voice to overcome the biased, left-wing news media. More columns like hers, and an awakening may occur. Together we can defeat the “anything is better than … ” syndrome.

Real hope and change are definitely not going on now. Instead, what’s going on is that we are descending into socialism, as Ms. Schlafly pointed out.

George Barnette


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