All the sex news that fits, you print

To the editor:

With all the turmoil in the Middle East, Iran threatening to nuke Israel off the face of the Earth, Syria using chemical weapons against its own people, recent revelations that the president did absolutely nothing to prevent the attack in Benghazi, and the economy still in flux, why is it that all we get for front page news is the morning after pill’s availability to 15-year-olds, gay marriage as the most important cultural issue in our lives and an NBA player coming out as gay — and that President Obama felt compelled to call him instead of making any call whatsoever to find out what was happening to our ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi?

Then we are treated to a photo of two men kissing in the pages of the Review-Journal last week. Am I missing something here?



Closing Firefly

To the editor:

I was dismayed to read that the Southern Nevada Health District closed one of our favorite places to eat, Firefly, this past week (“Firefly salmonella outbreak called worst in a decade,” Friday Review-Journal.)

Given all the people who became ill, I couldn’t blame the district. However, I’m left to wonder how many restaurants have been closed during the past 12 months, and how many the Review-Journal saw fit to cover not once, but twice.

We were horrified to learn about the illnesses, but extremely saddened to know that a fine chef and his crew received such humiliation. As long as Firefly has been open, we have been going there and enjoying their long list of tapas and lovely food. I hope it won’t be long before they open again.



Expensive day care

To the editor:

Gov. Brian Sandoval has decided this state needs an additional $25 million to fund full-day kindergarten and for teaching English to students who do not know the language.

It would have been nice if the governor had reviewed the recent U.S. Health and Human Services Head Start report, which revealed that students are not any better prepared if they go to preschool or if they attend full-time kindergarten.

Also, shouldn’t the parents whose children do not speak English at age 5 have some responsibility in this process? At age 5, if you don’t have some command of the English language, you should not be allowed to attend school.

This $25 million in additional spending, it probably makes Gov. Sandoval feel good to shove it down the public education rat hole, but many of the citizens are tired of seeing this waste of taxpayer money. Full-time kindergarten is nothing more than a baby-sitting service and job placement for the teachers union. Gov. Sandoval should have taken the $25 million and put it in the private sector for schools to compete with the government education monopoly. Then maybe we’d get test scores up and improve graduation rates.

Our Republican governor promised not to raise taxes and create bigger government. I guess he also caught the Carson City tax fever that goes around every two years. Don’t count on my vote next time.



Free Onion

To the editor:

Concerning letters from both Anita Kase (“Save Onion,” May 1) and Sandra Cobb (“Killer dog,” Saturday), animal lovers including myself are in agreement 100 percent about Onion. All of us feel for the baby killed by the dog and the family over the unfortunate tragedy, but remember Onion was asleep, grabbed by the baby and reacted out of suddenly being awakened painfully. That baby should’ve never been left alone in the first place.

Onion’s owner didn’t realize in the moments of shock and grief that the dog faced a horrible fate when signing him over. He needs to spend the rest of his life in a sanctuary, not a cage. It’s inhumane to let him suffer like this.



Heller gun vote

To the editor:

Sen. Dean Heller insults his constituents with his response to criticism of his recent vote on an amendment to expand background checks for would-be gun purchasers. In the automated response, he disingenuously cites “onerous paperwork,” “expansion of federal power,” “the creation of a national gun registry” and “additional burdens on law-abiding citizens” as reasons for his no vote on a measure that an overwhelming 90 percent of Americans supported.

The truth of the matter is that the “onerous paperwork” he cites consists of a few minutes filling out a simple form. The “expansion of federal power” he cites is nonexistent except in the cases of criminals who would be prevented from purchasing weapons, and “the creation of a national gun registry” he cites was strictly prohibited in the bill, with anyone using the check system to such an effect being subject to a 15-year prison sentence.

One can only conclude that the senator takes a dim view of the people he serves in terms of their keeping apace with the pressing issues of the day.

Shame on you, Sen. Heller, for having such a low opinion of your purported valued constituents and for sending such an insulting response to those who criticized you for your indefensible vote. In spite of what you think, we’re not uninformed sheep.



Frederick vs. Obama

To the editor:

Sherman Frederick never ceases in spewing his vitriol against President Barack Obama.

In his May 3 blog, Mr. Frederick finds fault with the president’s use of the conjunction “but,” slanting his words to criticize his speech where he affirmed the American right to bear arms, “but” he will “do everything in my power to pass common-sense reforms that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people.” This is shallow nitpicking, and his remarks reflect poorly on one in publishing as a career.



Forgotten war

To the editor:

Your April 30 Nevada section was of special interest. The article with pictures of two Marine buddies was headlined “Brothers in Arms.”

They spoke of being in the “Forgotten War,” Korea, and that they had no welcome home. Like Vito Tomasino and Donald Powell, who served there at age 18, I, too, was a very young man when I was in Korea with the 7th Infantry Division. When our troop ship docked in San Francisco, our welcome home was a plastic-looking sign hanging from the dock, a sign that looked like it had seen better days, which said “Welcome home.” How wonderful!



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